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TAGIEs - Celebrating the Makers of Play!

2014 Toy & Game Innovation Awards

The TAGIEs are an elegant and playful evening gala that brings together industry leaders from inventors to manufacturers to retailers as well as the public for a celebratory evening of innovators and inventors from around the world.

The Toy & Game Innovation Awards are voted on by industry experts, retailers and consumers to recognize recipients for excellence in various categories. The TAGIEs also recognize the teams the inventors worked with at the companies that brought their ideas to life. This collaboration and inventiveness has resulted in the most fun and entertaining play products on the market today. We also honor to those inventor greats who stand out in the toy industry for their exceptionally innovative spirit of fun, philanthropy, and humanitarianism.

2014 TAGIEs Stage

Thank You to Our Sponsors! 

Michael Kohner, 2014 Lifetime Achievement Honoree

2014 Highlights!

Brendan Boyle - 2014 Keynote Speaker

2014 TAGIEs Winners

Adam Wilson and Ian Bernstein, Sphero

Toy Innovator 2014

Oliver Morris, Fuse

Game Innovator 2014

Alice Taylor, MakieLab 

Rising Star 2014

Invented Exploding Kittens

Invented Malia’s Beach House

Invented the Millenium Falcon

Lyla Black, Lyla Tov Monsters

Young Inventor 2014

2014 Recipient for 

Character Creation

Transformers, Hasbro

Accepting: Brian Chapman

2014 Keynote and TAGIEs Honorees

Invented Two Bros Bows

Brendan Boyle

Partner, IDEO

Keynote Speaker

Bill Goodman

Presentor: Marc Rosenberg

In Memoriam

Dan and his partners have created products such as Bop It, HyperGames, PC Playsets, Perplexus and so much more! 

Music provided by Skip Towne and the Grehounds, Chicago's #1 Blues Band! The band's music is hard-driving, heartfelt, classic blues, jazz, swing, ballads, and downright good time Rockin’ Blues.

Award presented by Bruce Lund, a former Humanitarian recipient himself, to Big Brothers Big Sisters, a mentoring organization focused on high quality, long term outcomes for children

Presented by Bob Moog, President of University Games, and accepted by Chuck Knerr. Richard and Spud Invented the Frisbee, the Hula Hoop, the Super Ball, Silly String, Slip-N-Slide, Hacky Sack and the Boogie Board

7th Annual TAGIE Awards (2014)



Tim Walsh

Introduction to Keynote:

Phil Sage, Hasbro


Brendan Boyle, IDEO


2014 Recipient for Excellence in Game Design

Winner: Oliver Morris, Fuse

Presenter: Leslie Scott, Oxford Games


Steffen Bogen

Richard Garfield

Dan Klitsner & KID Group and Hasbro Design Team

Ro Annis and BMT Toys


2014 Recipient for Rising Star Designer

Winner: Alice Taylor, MakieLab

Presenter: Larry Roznai, Mayfair Games


Dan Shapiro

Julie Gibbs and Mary Barney

Ashley Mady

Carolyn Enenstein


2014 Recipient for Toy Design

Winner: Adam Wilson and Ian Bernstein, Sphero

Presenter: Ed Desmond, Toy Industry Association


Robert Victor

Bang Zoom Design

Nick Grisolia Pete Greelney

Ayah Bdeir


2014 Recipient for Character Creation

Transformers, Hasbro

Accepting: Brian Chapman


2014 Recipient for Young Inventor

Winner: Lyla Black, Lyla Tov Monsters

Presenter: Julie Blake, Director of ChiTAG Young Inventor Challenge and Ben Dermer of Spin Master


Sydney Loew

Audrey McCain

Lyla Black

2014 Honoree for Hassenfeld Humanitarian Award

Sponsored by Hassenfeld Family Initiatives

Diane and Quintin Primo, Primo Center for Women and Children

Presenters: Richard Boykin and Ellen Hassenfeld Block


2014 Honoree for In Memoriam  

Bill Goodman

Presenter: Marc Rosenberg, SkyBluePink Concepts

2014 Honoree for Lifetime Achievement

Michael Kohner and The Kohner Family

Presenter: Wai Or, Longshore Ltd.

Accepted by Michael Kohner


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