Frequently asked questions

How do I participate in the Streamer Support Program?

To get started, head to the Streamer Support Sign-up page, login with your Twitch account, send us your email, and start streaming Shadowverse on!

For more information on how to stream PC games on Twitch, check out this help article by Twitch.

How do I redeem the card packs?

These Shadowverse card pack codes can be redeemed in the Steam and Google Play versions of Shadowverse by using the “Enter Promo Code” button on the “More” tab in the bottom right of the “Home” screen.

Can I redeem the codes myself?

Yes you can, although we highly suggest that you use them as incentives for your viewers – try putting “pack code giveaway today!” in your stream title!

What are you doing with my Twitch information and email address?

We only collect your Twitch username for validation purposes and to ensure your content meets our guidelines in the Terms and Conditions. We use your email address to send you Shadowverse card pack codes and infrequent updates about the Shadowverse Streamer Support Program.


Please note that when you authenticate with Twitch on our site we do not collect your Twitch password details.

What kind of content guidelines do you have?

Your streams must not be illegal, obscene, offensive, racist, sexist, hateful, threatening, defamatory, libelous, invasive of privacy, infringing of intellectual property rights, or otherwise injurious to third parties or objectionable to Cygames in its sole discretion.

Your Twitch stream must contain active Shadowverse gameplay and comply with the Shadowverse Terms of Service. Unsportsmanlike behaviour such as extended periods of the stream being left unattended to “inflate” total stream hours is grounds for permanent removal from the Shadowverse Streamer Support Program.  

Please see the full list of content guidelines in our Terms and Conditions here

What do I need to do to earn these rewards?

After you’ve filled out your Twitch channel and email information on our Sign-up Page, You just need to stream at least 15 cumulative hours of Shadowverse to start earning rewards.

What are the reward tiers for streaming Shadowverse?

Reward tiers are as follows:

15 cumulative hours streamed = 3 Shadowverse Card Pack Codes

30 cumulative hours streamed = 6 Shadowverse Card Pack Codes

45 cumulative hours streamed = 10 Shadowverse Card Pack Codes

I have signed up and I’ve streamed 15+ hours, when do I get my card pack codes?

You will receive your card pack in your email inbox at least 14 days after the end of the month. Please double check your spam folder if you do not see an email in your inbox.

What do I do if I see a Shadowverse streamer abusing the Shadowverse Streamer Support Program content guidelines?

You can notify us by sending an email to our support team at Please include a link with the timestamp to the questionable content.

I have a question related to the Shadowverse Streamer Support Program that isn’t answered in this FAQ, what do I do?

Feel free to send your questions and comments to our support team at

What expansion are these card packs from?

All Shadowverse Streamer Support card packs will come from the latest Shadowverse expansion.

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