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March 24 - 31, 2023


Welcome to Your Weekly News Brief!


Happy Bloomin' Friday! 


Spring is here! Spring jumps us forward, but it also boomerangs us back to better times… the warmth of the sun, the longer days, the renewal of faded but familiar things. I, for one, am happy to see winter lose its grip and disappear in the rearview mirror, along with the strife of the last couple years. Spring brings new growth and possibilities, and things are popping up all over!

Squinkies are springing back from more than a decade of dormancy – read all about them here.

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Company of the Week - Blip Toys


Blip Toys logo.jpeg

 Blip Toys Brings Back the OG Micro Collectible Toy for a New Generation


The 2010 mega-hit and TOTY-award winning Squinkies are back - and squishier than ever!


Squinkies are super squishy, micro collectible characters that are packed in their own tiny, plastic capsules, ready for kids and collectors to open and s-q-u-i-s-h!


The resurgence of micro toys and popularity of nostalgic toys have been two hot topics in the industry thanks to collectors and social media. So Blip Toys’ owners Bill Nichols and Peter Cmiel thought there was no time like the present to bring the original unboxing and first micro collectible toy back.


“We recognized that consumers were collecting small, everyday branded items and then opening them on TikTok,” says Cmiel. What the creative team at Blip didn’t see though were the collecting of small, whimsical characters. “We knew the time was right to bring Squinkies back!” said Cmiel.


When first launched, dozens of different characters hit store shelves – from fanciful dogs and cats to exotic sea creatures and zoo animals! Each Squinkie was also ranked on a scale from Common to Rare to Ultra Rare, enticing consumers to seek out the rarest of the rare Squinkies. Translation: an instant collector with every purchase!


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Person of the Week - Erika Cardamone

Speech Therapist, Play Enthusiast, Bringing a New Angle to Toys and Games

Erika Cardamone.png

Why and how did you get into the Toy and Game industry?

My work is play! I’m a speech-language pathologist so helping people connect and communicate is what drives me. I’ve worked with children for my entire career and continue to bring toys and games with me wherever I go. I remember being in graduate school on the subway in New York City with a giant bag of toys on my shoulder. Someone would gently bump into me and my bag would start mooing or making revving car noises.

It was Sherry Artemenko, a fellow speech-language pathologist and founder of the PAL Award, that made me realize I was a toy expert because I had thousands of hours playing. Moreover, I use toys and games as my tools to help children develop strong communication skills, and parents to connect with their kids in ways they hadn’t before to strengthen their language skills.


What are you working on now?

I’m on the hunt for toys and games to represent the Spring 2023 PAL Awards. PAL stands for Play Advances Language and we’re specifically looking for children’s products that by their content, quality, and character, engender play that advances language skills. Toys and games that create connection between caregivers and children where play becomes an avenue of connection, trust, and loads of fun.

Sherry and I are also working together on consulting projects with toy companies to help think about how to bring and talk about the educational value of their products, through their product life cycle.

Oh! And still spending 3 days a week with direct client care where I get to be a speech-language pathologist carrying lots of toys and games into other people’s homes and schools. Very much still that toy lady with a bag of toys on my shoulder (I just have a car now).     READ MORE...

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Industry Commentary - Rachele Harmuth

MESH SKILLS - Post Two of Six in Series

MESH logo.jpg

In this bi- weekly column for The Bloom Report, we will look into the different areas of this initiative. This week, we review the 8 MESH skills more in depth.


Partnering with Dr. Deborah Gilboa, ThinkFun focused on identifying the MESH skills that lead children to build resilience. These skills have been identified that protect children and teenagers from suicidal ideation and self-harm behaviors:

  1. Problem solving: the ability to consider possible solutions to a difficulty the child is experiencing. Building this competency decreases a child’s or teen’s sense of helplessness in the face of struggle.  

  2. Perseverance: the act of returning to an obstacle to try again to overcome it. Developing the habit and skill of perseverance strengthens confidence when that child fails the first (or tenth) time. 

  3. Adaptation: to adjust oneself to different circumstances or requirements. Young people who become more adaptable feel less estranged or alienated and better able to form connections and community in less-than-ideal circumstances

  4. Conflict resolution: identifying ways to find a peaceful resolution to a dispute. Learning strategies that extend beyond violence, avoidance or self-denial allows children and teens to express authentic emotions and continue or even strengthen relationships while remaining true to their own experience.

  5. Self-regulation: the ability to recognize and manage emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that are acceptable and healthy. When children and teens grow this skill, they are much better able to be welcome in spaces that meet their needs and receive responses that are supportive and caring. 

  6. Self-advocacy: the act of representing one’s own self, experience, and interests to others. This ability is crucial to children and teens so that they can ask for attention or help from the adults in their lives. 

  7. Cognitive skills: the abilities involved in perception, learning, memory, understanding, awareness, reasoning, judgment, intuition, and language. This large group of skills can’t be overvalued in children’s development. Each of these are key to understanding one’s own experience, determining what they want or need next and then getting that help - all crucial cognitive behavioral skills for managing and improving mental health.

  8. Communication strategies: tools for expressing and receiving information and interacting with others. All the practice children and teens get to improve how they express needs, learn about the experiences and knowledge of others’ and make their feelings known acts to strengthen their ties and skills for improved mental health.    READ MORE...

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Cartoon Lovers, Lexophiles & People in Need of a Smile! 

Cartoon Potato Head and French Fry Friend from Boaz Coster.jpg

Thank you Boaz Coster for this week's cartoon and hope you enjoyed a wonderful birthday! 

Thank you Jerry Cleary for this Lexophile gem...

I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.

Quote of the Week...

It's kind of fun to do the impossible. — Walt Disney




Do you have a cartoon or a joke to share with your colleagues? Send it to me at! Can't wait to see what you've got! 

Financial and Legal

Aritzia is being sued by an artist in the United States over hot pink sculptures that have been featured in the Canadian fashion retailer's window displays across North America this spring.  "I was astounded. Why? Why not contact me? ... It was hurtful, quite frankly," said Richard X. Zawitz, who owns Tangle Creations.

Scholastic will merge its Book Fairs and Book Clubs divisions into a single unit focused on school reading events. The reorg will be completed and the new organization launched by June, in time for the upcoming 2023/2024 school yr.  Current Scholastic Book Fairs President Sasha Quinton will lead the new organization at launch, while current Scholastic Book Clubs President Judy Newman has been named Scholastic’s...

Members of the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party plan to meet this week with Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger and Apple CEO Tim Cook, as well as screenwriters and other studio executives. The chairman of the committee, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) has previously said that he wanted Iger to testify over Disney’s business dealings in the country, along with NBA commissioner Adam Silver. 


***the above posted after March 31st***


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Board Outmaneuvered in Wrangling Over Disney Special District Control. A lawsuit is expected to be filed challenging an agreement that the new board says essentially renders it powerless. A legal battle is brewing over an agreement that transferred the powers of Disney’s now-dissolved special district back to the company before Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis assumed control of the board.


A coalition of top movie and TV studios have secured a $30 mill judgment against the operator of two illegal streaming sites. The studios and defendant Dwayne Johnson (no relation to the actor) agreed to resolve the suit in a deal that includes an injunction barring him from continuing to operate any service that allows users to pirate movies, according to court documents filed on March 27.


WildBrain is expanding its in-house animation capabilities with the acquisition of Toronto-based pre-production studio House of Cool. Expected to close in Q4 this year, the US$11.4-million deal will see WildBrain pay around US$3.9 million in cash and issue shares worth US$7.5 million. 


Utah Law Could Curb Use of TikTok and Instagram by Children and Teens. The law, which prohibits social networks from allowing minors to have accounts without parental consent, may come as welcome news to many families even as it raises privacy concerns. The new measure will also require social networks to give Utah parents access to their children’s posts, messages and responses. 


Cartamundi has announced that it is to close its Waterford manufacturing facility in Ireland, a site David Germis, president of Cartamundi’s Global Solutions Division, says has been ‘a source of reliable quality production’ since 2015. The company gave a number of reasons for its decision, including the lingering inflation of shipping and materials and reduced demand for games since the pandemic.

Last week's winning bidder of the Flatiron Building failed to make the down payment on his $190 million winning bid by close of business Friday, NY1 has learned.  NY1 reached out to the winner, Jacob Garlick, through the website of his Virginia firm, Abraham Trust, where he is a managing partner. There has been no response.

Disney to close metaverse division. As part of planned layoffs that will begin this week, Disney is reportedly closing its metaverse division with the loss of 50 jobs. CBNC reports that Disney is to close its metaverse division, following initial reports in The Wall Street Journal. With plans to create a new digital world, former CEO Bob Chapek established a unit focused on the co's metaverse strategy led by Mike White...


Japanese regulator JFTC won't block Microsoft's Activision Blizzard acquisition. Japanese competition regulator the Japan Fair Trade Commission says Microsoft's proposed Activision Blizzard merger won't have a substantial impact on the business of its rivals. In a brief press release, the JFTC said it has reviewed the deal and reached the conclusion that "the transaction is unlikely to result in substantially restraining …


US congress calls for intervention on PlayStation's "monopoly" on Japan. Members of US Congress are reportedly looking into the PlayStation console's dominance in Japan. Per a recent report from Axios, members from both political parties are calling on the Biden administration to address the Sony console's supposed monopoly over Xbox. 

Elon Musk: Twitter says parts of source code leaked online. Parts of the source code which underpins multi-billionaire Elon Musk's social media platform have been leaked online, Twitter says. It says the code was posted on GitHub, a Microsoft-owned service where software developers share code. It has now been taken down after Twitter requested its removal. 


What the Funko? Pop! maker slashes Mondo staff; more news on the horizon? While Funko’s clowning around at WonderCon in Anaheim, California this weekend for its Fun House activation, staffers in the company’s Mondo division aren’t laughing. Confirming industry rumblings of recent days, the company has laid off a significant portion of staff from Mondo, the maker of collectible movie poster prints...


UK regulator no longer thinks Microsoft is buying Activision Blizzard to make Call of Duty exclusive. UK regulator the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has narrowed its "scope of concerns" with regards to Microsoft's proposed $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The regulator has been investigating the deal for months, and earlier this year published provisional findings that suggested...



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Financial Reporting

Box Office: ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Opens to OK $38.5M in North America. Paramount and eOne are confident that the big-budget event pic — based on Hasbro's...

Stonemaier Games sales declined in 2022, with sharply reduced sales of the Wingspan core game an important factor.  Stonemaier Games sales were $20.7 million in 2022, down 16% from $24.7 million in 2021, but up substantially from the company’s $17.9 million in sales in 2019

Lionsgate, Warner Bros. Discovery Among Top Hollywood Stock Gainers in First Quarter

UK video games market value dipped by 5.6% in 2022


***the aboved posted after March 31st***


Australia: Toys’R’Us (ASX:TOY) revenue dips in H1FY23 on the back of UK launch.


Scholastic reports a 6% revenue decline in its third quarter.

GameStop blames its lower sales on lack of games. The GameStop saga continues, this time with a new antagonist.

Alibaba: China tech giant shares jump after breakup plan announced.

China Box Office: Makoto Shinkai’s Anime Hit ‘Suzume’ Soars With $50M OpeningJapanese anime is earning more than ever in China, while U.S. superhero films are fumbling.


Trends, Market Research, and State of the Industry

Dramatic moments and a new split-screening trend are winning with young viewers




Books, books, books. Gen Z has helped to catalyze a literature revival—book sales set records in the US and the UK last year, with young-adult fiction sales increasing 30.7 percent in the US as teens tore through titles. Plus 2 more Gen Z trends that are breaking the eight-second stereotype.  


***The above posted after March 31st***


Streamers anticipated to spend US$26.5 billion on original content in 2023. Global SVODs will invest heavily in scripted content this year, with 10% of overall spend going to kids & family programming, according to Ampere.


Toyjobs has been the dominant recruiting

Stories, Comments, and Advice


US retailer Rick Derr discusses the importance of Comfort in the Moment and MESH skills for kids, and how the toy industry can play its part.  “There is a documented mental health crisis in the US among children and teens,” Rick writes. “In October of 2021, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry declared a national state of emergency in children’s mental health. In these organisations’ combined 125 years of existence, this has never happened before.”

A Barbie Pop-Up Restaurant Is Coming to Chicago. No word on if Skipper is invited. he pandemic dented one of Chicago’s most-loved pastimes: pop culture-themed pop-ups. But that side of the restaurant industry is roaring back with an unlikely figure leading the charge: Barbie. In June, Chicago will debut the Malibu Barbie Cafe. Tickets go on sale on Wednesday, April 19 and organizers will disclose the location then. 

VIDEO GAME MAKERS used to look to Hollywood for their inspiration. But in recent years, the market for games has grown to nearly $200bn, five times more than people spend at the box office and more, even, than they spend on streaming services like Netflix or Disney+. And that has caught the attention of the movie industry, which is now looking to game makers for its ideas.

A four-year-old boy has become the world’s youngest published author and has even earned himself a Guinness World Record in the process. Saeed Rashed AlMheiri, from Abu Dhabi, is the proud author of the children’s book The Elephant Saeed and the Bear, which is a story about kindness and an unexpected friendship between the two animals. 

Steeve Reece - The Toy Journal  #17 A Deeper Examination Of The Kidult Toy Space: Consumer Segmentations. Of all the many areas of the Toy business I comment on or write about, the ‘Kidult’ space has been the most in demand across the last year or so. I have various articles & podcasts already out there on this topic, and some more articles in the works with leading Toy trade publishers.


John Baulch, Toy World - Ain’t bot no, I got life …it’s the Friday Blog! After last week’s Blog focused on reducing headcounts and increasing automation within certain retail organisations, it has been interesting to see the whole ChatGPT/AI debate blow up in the media this week. (For the uninitiated, ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool driven by AI technology that can answer questions and assist with tasks like, for...


***The above posted after tBR started sending on March 31st***


Today's Wordle marks the start of a new era for the game - here's why.  When the New York Times bought Wordle in February 2022, it assured its millions of players that nothing would change about the game they'd fallen in love with. Wordle would still be Wordle, and most wouldn't even notice any difference. It remained true to that promise (mostly), but that's all changed with today's puzzle - which sees Wordle enter...


John Baulch, Toy World, People make the world go round …it’s the Friday Blog! With all the ludicrous parliamentary shenanigans this week, a surprise increase in the headline inflation rate in February and a subsequent rise in the interest rate slipped under the radar somewhat. However, these developments will have far more impact on consumer confidence and the retail channel than whether or not Boris Johnson took...

In His Largest LEGO Work To Date, Ai Weiwei Recreates One of Claude Monet’s Most Famous Paintings. Known for incorporating recognizable, everyday objects into monumental sculptures, Ai Weiwei has created acclaimed installations using bicycles, life vests, and seeds and flowers made of porcelain that often challenge political issues such as the social unrest of his native China, the global refugee crisis...

Cereal thrillers: the fans still in search of those little plastic toys.  Amelia Tait hears how they got there and where they went – and meets the enthusiasts still tracking down these elusive treasures. No one would ever guess, says product designer James Allerton, just how many people it took to make the glow-in-the-dark, lightsaber-shaped plastic puzzles once dropped by Kellogg’s into boxes of Corn Flakes.


TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew's Congress showdown: Five takeaways. Bruising, damaging, relentless. TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew faced four-and-a-half hours of questioning at a US congressional hearing on Thursday. As one congressman pointed out, some people run marathons quicker than that. Mr Chew will certainly be feeling it, after a torrid time giving evidence. Many tech execs have stood before Congress, and they often don't get an easy ride. But what was exceptional about this hearing was the stubborn, never-ending line of vicious …

Foxmind MM_BloomReport_2023_small.jpg

History and Nostalgia

 From the archives: LJN’s new Thundercats assortment for 1986. LJN’S new Thundercats assortment for 1986 utilizes innovative technology and new characters that will enhance the collectability of the Thundercats line. The Thundercats assortment includes six good and six evil characters, each of which has Battle-matic movement and weapons.

LEGO Space: 1978-1992 art book blends history and toys. Dark Horse has an ever-growing library of video game-themed art books that explore the development of key franchises like God of War, Assassin's Creed and Halo, but the publisher is shifting in a very different direction for their next release. Next up is a LEGO-themed art book dubbed LEGO Space: 1978-1992. 


Five beloved toys you’ll never see again and it’s making people nostalgic for ‘saddest eyes in the world’. Toys may have been created for children, but some adults have been missing their favorites. As you grow up, toys become a thing of the past. That is until someone makes mention of them and you realize they could be gone for good. 


Familiar Places Holiday Inn Playset from Playskool. In 1974, Playskool released its Familiar Places Holiday Inn Playset, an activity toy that let children recreate the adventures of staying at a Holiday Inn, eating at the hotel buffet, and spending time at the courtyard pool. The two-storey structure incorporated the instantly recognizable yellow and green branding used by the hotel chain in the 1970s. 


Lowell Toy Mfg. Catalogue (1959). In the 1950s and ‘60s, Lowell Toy Mfg. of Long Island City, New York was a prolific producer of board games. Many of the games were tied to popular television shows and pop-culture characters of the time. This seven-page catalogue highlights games for fans of Bat Masterson, Gun Smoke, To Tell the Truth, Steve Canyon, and The Price is Right. 


Clockwork toys, mechanical banks & tin windups headline for Bertoia. Rare toys in fine condition brought out the bidders at Bertoia’s March 24-25 Annual Spring sale. Expected to be the star of the sale, and it was, a rare Ives Uncle Sam perambulator sold for $72,000. It is believed to be one of only two known examples and it came with a great story. Bringing $34,800 each were a large Carette gauge 2 Vauclain locomotive with...


Playful collaboration: A look back at LEGO brand mash-ups. Over the years, creative collaborations with other brands have allowed the The LEGO Group to achieve several goals. They have increased LEGO’s brand reach and innovation; allowed entry into new markets and more diverse audiences; and collaborations have generated revenues and profit. Here’s a look at five of my favorite and creative LEGO collaborations...

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Licensing and Entertainment 


‘Barbie’ Posters Unveil Every Barbie and Ken Actor in Margot Robbie’s Film: Dua Lipa, Simu Liu and More. A running joke in the “Barbie” character posters is that each Barbie actor is playing a version of Barbie that has a unique profession (Issa Rae’s Barbie is president, Dupa Lip’a Barbie is a mermaid, Nicola Coughlan’s Barbie is a diplomat), while all of the Ken actors are simply just playing Ken. The character posters also provide a first look at Helen Mirren as the narrator, Will Ferrell as a Mattel CEO and Michael Cera as Allan.

“Barbie” Trailer Reveals Margot Robbie in Greta Gerwig’s Live-Action Look at Mattel’s Iconic Doll. Whereas the first trailer riffed on the iconic prehistoric “Dawn of Man” sequence in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, the new trailer widens the lens and teases the larger cast. It also offers a few salient plot points for our heroine and her friends.


Cowabunga, dudes! The Loyal Subjects (TLS) and Paramount Consumer Products & Experiences have teamed up to expand the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) BST AXN line of action figures and collectibles this year. BST AXN (pronounced “best action”) is a growing line of products that includes characters from multiple intellectual properties (IP), with TMNT among the most popular in the bunch.


The Singing Machine Co., the worldwide leader in consumer karaoke products, announced it has entered into a licensing agreement with Sesame Workshop.  The Singing Machine Company will develop, manufacture and market sing-along and youth karaoke products featuring beloved Sesame Street characters, including Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Abby Cadabby for North America, Australia, the United Kingdom. 


Skipper takes the lead in latest animated Barbie movie. Following Barbie’s younger teenage sister in her first starring role, the movie brings to life fun and adventure in relatable real-world scenarios. Skipper is a babysitting expert, but when her babysitting business hits a snag, she takes a summer job at a water park and tries out different first jobs with some new friends. 

GSN Starts A Blank Slate with Mario Lopez The Saved By The Bell star and Access Hollywood host fronts a new GSN show.  According to AdWeek, GSN is not only a top 20 cable network, but has over 275 hours of content on deck for 2023. Part of those 11 straight days of brand-new content that their core audience absolutely gobbles up with wanton abandon will be taken up by a brand new game show: Blank Slate (The Op).

Rainbow Designs will be launching an exclusive new range of Bagpuss plush toys, which will be available to UK consumers this autumn/winter. Licensed by Coolabi Licensing, the iconic and much-loved British animated children’s television series Bagpuss will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2024. Co-created by Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate through their production company Smallfilms, the Bagpuss series...


***The above posted after tBR started sending on March 31st***


In a surprise pairing, kid-focused content company has linked up with sports-focused live TV streamer Fubo in a FAST channel deal. The agreement will see Fubo feature two of’s branded channels–’s eponymous channel and Ryan and Friends–on Fubo’s lineup by the end of the year, which in the US also includes major networks and sports channels. 


Following a successful first series, animated production Pinocchio and Friends created by Iginio Straffi and inspired by the fairy tale of Collodi’s puppet is about to return in 2023 with original adventures brought to life in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi and in co-production with Toonz Media Group.

Irish animation studio Sixteen South has partnered with Nelvana to develop and co-produce A Horse Named Steve. The 2D-animated comedy series revolves around a self-absorbed horse and his endless schemes to capture attention and stand out from the crowd. This deal marks Sixteen South’s first Canadian co-production. The project is an adaptation of writer/illustrator Kelly Collier’s Steve the Horse picture...


PlayMonster and Hasbro expanding their existing agreements to allow PlayMonster to add more of the Playskool brand to its portfolio next year. “We are excited by the new ways in which PlayMonster is bringing forward the vision and values of the Playskool brand that still garners a universal fondness felt by parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents,” says Jess Richardson, VP of Global Toys & Games Licensing at...


LA-based agency Underscore Talent is branching out into production with the launch of Shorthand Studios, which will develop and distribute content that originates from family-friendly digital-first creators. Underscore already represents several kids and family brands, including The Royalty Family (pictured, 20.4 million YouTube subscribers) and The McCarty Family (7.1 million subscribers). 

Hasbro‘s entertainment studio eOne and Amuse Animation are partnering to produce children’s entertainment in a direct-to-digital format. In what Jiella Esmat — Chief Revenue Officer of Amuse — is calling a “huge milestone” for the company, the new partnership project will be an animated series targeting preschool children available through digital channels.

Saudi Entertainment Ventures (Seven) has entered into an agreement with Hasbro to develop and operate the world’s first Play-Doh themed entertainment centres. The centres will open in 8 locations in Saudi Arabia over the next 10 yrs. Guests will be able to enjoy multilevel playscapes, creativity stations and sensory discovery activity areas that fully immerse them in the joy of playing with Play-Doh compound or toys. 


MediaCorp Commissions New Spin-off Series Paula & Pals and Refreshed Leo the Wildlife Ranger. Award-winning animation company Omens Studios has secured a multi-season commission from Singapore’s national public broadcaster MediaCorp to produce two brand-new series based on its hit international IPs 123 Number Squad and Leo the Wildlife Ranger. 

YouTube channel 'Gracie’s Corner’ celebrates 100 million monthly views. The YouTube channel, “Gracie’s Corner,” has reached a record-breaking milestone for the brand, with over 100 million views in February. The worldwide children’s channel continues to engage viewers and highlight the often underrepresented Black and Brown characters in children’s edutainment content. Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. kids ages 12 and under...


ZAG and Build-A-Bear Workshop partner on make-your-own Miraculous Ladybug Bear. Global independent animation studio ZAG has signed with Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc , a multi-generational global brand best known for its bear building experience and the creation of personalized “furry friends” for the first Miraculous Ladybug official plush bear. 


Dungeons & Dragons movie hosts UK premiere in London. Last week saw the cast and directors of the movie walk the red carpet in Leicester Square ahead of the launch of Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves later this week. Toy World was invited to the premiere of the new Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves movie in Leicester Square last week. 

'The Paddington Bear Experience' to Open in London. An interactive experience inspired by the world of "Paddington" is set to open on London's Southbank, marking 65 years since Michael Bond's "A Bear Called Paddington" was first published. The experience, which will take up residence at County Hall, London, later this year, is presented by the Path Entertainment Group and The Copyrights Group in partnership with...


Paw Patrol anniversary special to celebrate 10 year milestone. Nickelodeon and Spin Master are celebrating a milestone 10 years of the award-winning, top-rated pre-school series Paw Patrol with an all-new, one-of-a-kind primetime special premiering Monday, April 24th in the US. The half-hour anniversary special, All Paws on Deck, produced by Spin Master Entertainment, will reunite every Paw Patrol pup …


Fairytale's come to life with Hot Toys Disney Princess Crystal Minis. Some of your favorite Disney Princesses are back as Hot Toys unveils their latest set of Cosbi figures. Most of the time, the Cosbi line is released in an impressive collection of nine figures that are all usually blind-bagged. However, Hot Toys has a very special release for Disney Princess fans with a Special Color Version Cosbi Collection. 


TTPM Ad final POP Duos Jan 16 2023.jpg

People of Play

The surprisingly complex business of toys, with Hasbro CEO Chris CocksFor the final episode in our Centennial Series covering companies that are 100 years old, I’m talking to Chris Cocks, the CEO of Hasbro. And I have to tell you, I did not know the company was started in 1923 by the Hassenfeld brothers… the Has bros. This is my favorite fact now. 


Build-A-Bear Workshop announces Julia Fitzgerald as the new Chief Marketing Officer, as the company continues to execute its multi-year strategy. Ms. Fitzgerald will be a member of Build-A-Bear's senior leadership team, reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer and highlighting the company's continued commitment to delivering meaningful consumer engagement and experiences with the goal of further...

The board of directors of Toys R Us Asia has announced the appointment of Leo Tsoi to the role ofCEO and member of the board. Leo Tsoi brings to the role more than 27 years of consumer retail experience and business leadership in large multi-national brands across Asia. Most recently, Leo served as CEO of Starbucks China where he also served as a member of the Starbucks Global Executive leadership team. 

Meredith Placko has been appointed CEO of Steve Jackson Games, as longtime Steve Jackson executive Phil Reed steps back from his current role, the company announced.  Placko comes to Steve Jackson from paint company Turbo Dork, where she was also CEO. Reed, who became COO of Steve Jackson Games in 2008 and moved up to CEO in 2014, is cutting his time commitment to focus on...

Sambro International has strengthened its commercial sales team by appointing Richard Dinham to head up the company’s UK sales operations. With more than 15 yrs of experience in the toy sector, Richard joins Sambro from Character Options and, as Business Development director, will now lead the UK sales operations, reporting CCO Eric Markus to support the global toy company’s pan-European sales growth.

Darran Garnham - The Man Who Created An Eight-Figure Global Toy Empire From His Living Room. In just three years Toikido has gone from being a small start-up to an eight-figure business. What would you attribute that success to and do think you need to change the formula to build upon it over the next three years? Having been in toys for over 20 years, I was fed up working in an industry built on seasonal cycles, movie...

Amazon has recruited one of Marvel’s former bigwigs as the streamer plans a greater focus on comic book films and TV series. Joe Quesada, the former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief and ex-Marvel Entertainment CCO, has signed an exclusive first-look film and television deal with the retail giant. Under the deal, Quesada will focus on adapting existing and new comic book IP for the Jennifer Salke-led streamer.

Fragment Studios announced a deal with Richard Garfield that will see Garfield, who was described by Forbes as “one of the great tabletop game designers” and is best known for creating Wizards of the Coast mega-hit Magic the Gathering, and his consulting company Three Donkeys work closely with the project to advise on an innovative on-chain gaming experience around Fragment’s upcoming MegaForce Sentinels...


***The above posted after tBR stated sending March 31st***


Join Muralist and Toy Inventor Greg Preslicka Live Zoom Presentation!  Greg doesn't just create amazingly vibrant fun games with fabulous package and game design, but he also does murals and artist in residency programs! Join Greg and Heidi as they present the Artist In Residency Program Greg has done with great success in schools. Hear how he brings students of differentages and talents together to create...


Mattel has appointed a new member to its Board of Directors as of yesterday, March 29. Professor Noreena Hertz has experience as an academic, an author, and a global economist that she will bring to her new role at Mattel, serving on the Board of Directors’ Governance and Social Responsibility Committee. 

Inventor Peggy Brown on Adulting, Awk-Word and the elegance of simplicity. “Hi Peggy, always lovely to tie-in. You’ve recently had two fun-looking games launch with the folks at Ridley’s. Let’s dive into them! Adulting – a game where you have to act out various staples of ‘grown up’ life to earn badges and ultimately emerge triumphant. It’s a simple, trendy idea – where did this idea come from?” 


9 Story Media Group chief creative officer Angela Santomero is leaving the company to go back to her creative roots. The high-profile kids TV executive is best known for creating iconic shows such as Blue’s Clues & You! and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Santomero joined 9 Story in 2018 when it acquired Out of the Blue Enterprises, the company she co-founded with Samantha Freeman in 2005. 


Roku shuffles up its originals and acquisitions leadership. Former head of alternative originals Brian Tannenbaum is now overseeing the Roku Originals team, with several other content execs taking on new roles. Signaling what might be a more serious run at original content, US AVOD platform Roku has announced a series of promotions within its senior leadership team. 

Gaby Sulzberger Elected as Sesame Workshop’s New Chair of Board of Trustees. Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit media and educational organization behind Sesame Street and over five decades of other award-winning content and programs that support children and families around the world, announced that Gaby Sulzberger was elected the new Chair of the Board of Trustees, effective November 2023.

ZAG appoints Mark Kingston to SVP, Global Consumer Products. In response to accelerated global growth over the past two years at ZAG, the company has appointed Mark Kingston to the newly created role of senior vice president, global consumer products. Jeremy Zag, founder and chief executive officer, ZAG, made the announcement. Kingston will report to Julian Jacob Zag, EVP, global operations and head...


Marvel chairman Ike Perlmutter let go by Disney. Perlmutter is the latest Disney executive to lose his position, as the Marvel Entertainment division is closed.  Following the news this week of further planned layoffs at Disney and the closure of its metaverse division with the loss of 50 jobs, Marvel Entertainment is the latest sector of The Walt Disney Company to feel the effects. 


ICV2 Interview: Catalyst Game Labs' Loren Coleman. The 'BattleTech' Renaissance: How Kickstarter Blew Up the Brand. We talked to Catalyst Game Labs owner Loren Coleman at AdeptiCon about the surprising renaissance in sales of the venerable BattleTech miniatures game, and discovered how Kickstarter blew up the brand, leading to a boom in trade sales.  “It started with the Kickstarter from 2019.  

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Companies and Brands

Mattel's iconic Barbie doll is getting a tech-savvy with the launch of its selfie filters. This is just in time and ahead of its new movie's release, 'Barbie: The Movie.' The selfie filters will allow fans to take pictures with virtual accessories and backgrounds inspired by the movie, making it a fun way to engage with the Barbie brand. The selfie filters will feature various themes, including fantasy-inspired backdrops where users...


Mastermind Toys' namesake private brand collection has become a standout success since its official launch in July 2022, with many of its best-selling toys featured in the retailer's third annual Spring Play Guide, available now. The Spring Play Guide is the second largest campaign from Mastermind Toys—after its Holiday Play Guide—and largely focuses on outdoor play activities, with the private brand offerings in...

Wow! Stuff is rounding off a successful Q1 with its patent-pending, connectible collectible brand Nano Pods taking the hot spot in its Amazon category. Within 48 hours of the brand’s launch on Amazon, Nano Pods was number one in the eCommerce giant’s list of Hot New Releases for the Bobblehead Figures category and in the top 50 across all Toys & Games, overtaking a bestselling range of pop culture collectibles.


Cheatwell has detailed its new games launching this year, from the hilarious Best to Wurst and brain-teasing Wordio to fresh quiz offerings and the ‘reanimation rat race’ Cadaver. Following last year’s successful launch of sub-£20 games such as Brain Ache and Top Trivia Ultimate, Cheatwell has decided to increase the breadth of its range within this price bracket for 2023.


***The above posted after tBR started sending on March 31st***


Moose Toys has teamed up with word-of-mouth marketing agency Come Round for a nationwide in-home marketing campaign for its popular toy line Magic Mixies. As part of the (UK) campaign, which kicked off during the February half-term holidays, 500 families from across the UK were selected to receive a Magic Mixies Colour Surprise Cauldron and a Magic Mixies Mixlings Collector’s Cauldron, which were...

Mattel announces new Thomas & Friends special tied to autism awareness. Thomas & Friends: The Mystery of Lookout Mountain is tied to Autism Acceptance Month in April and will stream globally on Netflix on Saturday 1st April. The special will also broadcast on Canada’s Treehouse TV on Sunday 2nd and, in the US, on Cartoonito on Cartoon Network on Monday 3rd April. 

Little Kids Inc Launches All New Junk Ball Toy Line. What is a Junk Ball anyway? It’s a pitch that controls the movement of the baseball and allows the pitcher to throw off a batter’s timing – such as knuckleballs, curveballs, and sliders. The more junk balls a pitcher can throw, the more likely they are to strike out their batter. Now, for the first time, Junk Balls are getting wild with the Junk Ball Wild Pitch Collectible Balls.

KAP Toys’ Hello Kitty Cappuccino goes viral on TikTok. The Hello Kitty collectible launched this week with national chain, HMV, and impressive support from social media. KAP Toys informed trade customers at the recent London Toy Fair that its Hello Kitty Cappuccino line was made for social media marketing. The individual cappuccino cups, which have a suggested retail price of around £4.99, simply need a splash of water...

Douglas’ Softs Collection Continues to Grow, with 32 New Softs Coming in 2023. In February of 2021, at a time where everyone needed a hug, Douglas introduced the Softs’ Collection for the first time. Since then, the line has grown in popularity and numbers. This irresistibly soft, ultra-floppy and ultra huggable collection is expanding once again as the plush toy company and lifestyle gift creator adds 32 new Softs this year! 

The Rube Goldberg Institute and Brand Central collaborated with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine team to launch a new contest to bring the joy of building Rube Goldberg machines to students, hobbyists, game developers and creators of real-time 3D content. The contest invites users to use Epic’s Unreal Engine, to create a functioning Rube Goldberg machine as an interactive 3D experience.

Pokémon reveals ‘Pokémon Horizons: The Series’ as official title of next animated series. The Pokémon Company International unveiled the official title and logo of the upcoming Pokémon animated series, Pokémon Horizons: The Series, premiering around the world in 2023 and beyond. The Pokémon Company group also released a new full-length trailer featuring never-before-seen footage from select episodes...


Pixsee launches first AI smart stuffed toys for babies: Pixsee Play and Pixsee Friends. Pixsee Play and its Pixsee Friend introduce babies to their first AI interaction gently and naturally. Three companion toys, bunee, trunkee, and monkee, engage children in stimulating cognitive play through uniquely curated songs while AI captures special parent-child moments for lasting memories on the Cloud.


The Entertainer shows support for World Autism Acceptance Week. Marking World Autism Acceptance Week (Monday 27th March – Sunday 2nd April), The Entertainer has announced that it will donate 10% of all profits from Ready Steady Dough lines sold both in-store and online at to the National Autistic Society until Sunday 2nd April. In addition to supporting World Autism Acceptance Week,  The Entertainer says it is dedicated to providing ongoing Autism Champion training for its staff.


Devir announces global release of 'The White Castle' at Essen. Devir Games will release the new game The White Castle, from Shei S. & Isra C. (also known as Llama Dice), the designers of Devir’s Red Cathedral at Essen Spiel and around the world in October. Devir describes it as the "spiritual successor" to Red Cathedral, with new mechanics and a feudal Japanese theme. 


Battle the Francoist dictatorship in 'Resist!' 25th Century Games will release Resist!, a new solitaire card game, into retail on April 19. In Resist!, a single player will assume the role of the Spanish Maquis as they battle against the Francoist regime. The game takes place over a number of rounds in which the player takes on a number of missions with increasing difficulty. 


Osprey's 'Undaunted' takes on 'Battle of Britain'. Osprey Games announced the fourth title in David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin’s Undaunted series.  Undaunted: Battle of Britain will launch on June 13. In this installment, the game tackles aerial warfare during the famous Battle of Britain.  Players take command of the RAF defending the British Isles or the German Luftwaffe seeking to bring Britain to heel.  

Descent expansion launches from Asmodee subsidiary. Fantasy Flight Games, a leading publisher of tabletop board and card games, has announced the upcoming release of Descent Act II, The Betrayer’s War. Descent Act II is a sprawling and deeply cooperative dungeon crawler driven by player choice – all powered by an app that allows for games to run without a Game Master. 


Gale Force Nine sends players out on 'Star Trek: Away Missions'. Gale Force Nine will release Star Trek: Away Missions, a new miniatures board game and expansions, in July 2023. This new game allows players to boldly go into ground skirmish battles commanding various factions in the Star Trek universe.  


WizKids plans new edition of 'Princes of Florence'. WizKids will release a new edition of Princes of Florence, consisting of the original board game (released in the U.S. by Rio Grande Games over 20 years ago) and two expansions, with new artwork and graphic design, in July, the company announced.  


'Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG' enters the 'Duelist Nexus'. Konami Digital Entertainment will release Duelist Nexus, a new booster set for Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, into retail on July 28, 2023. This summer core set features new cards inspired by Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, which include the Crimson Dragon from the anime series as a Synchro Monster.  


Wizards of the Coast reveals 'Secret Lair X Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves'. Wizards of the Coast revealed Secret Lair X Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, a new drop set based on the D&D movie, which is currently on DTC preorder through April 23, 2023. This new drop set features the six legendary adventurers from the new movie (see "'D&D' Trailer'") portrayed as Magic cards. 

Rainbow High introduces new characters in Spring 2023 collection. The new characters launch on 24th March and include Victoria Whitman, the first Rainbow High doll with freckles from head to toe. Fashion doll brand Rainbow High, from MGA Entertainment, will launch six new characters in the Spring 2023 collection.

Here comes the L.O.L. Sunshine Makeover collection. MGA Entertainment has launched a brand-new, stand out series from L.O.L. Surprise! incorporating a top-performing feature in an all-new way. The new collection, L.O.L. Surprise! Sunshine Makeover range, allows fans to explore color change transformations powered by daylight for the first time ever. 

Peggy brown PBCC Bloom ReportAd 2021 540

Gaming: Digital, Video, Hardware, and Development

Steam is getting A GameCube and Nintendo Wii emulator. Dolphin emulator promises to let Steam users play Nintendo classics with better graphics.  The makers of Dolphin announced the GameCube and Wii emulator will come to Steam Early Access later this year. It promises to let users play classics like The Legend of Zelda: 


Nintendo extends code redemption date for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShop. The Nintendo eShop gets a last minute reprieve, as Nintendo 3DS and Wii U owners can continue to redeem download codes until April 3. Download codes for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U can be redeemed again. Nintendo re-activated the ability to do so on the Nintendo eShop for both systems until Monday, April 3 at 9:30 PM Pacific Time. 


Capcom's Resident Evil 4 remake has topped 3 million sales. Capcom says the title surpassed that milestone in just two days. Resident Evil 4 has sold over 3 million units worldwide in two days, according to publisher Capcom. The latest in a growing list of Resident Evil remakes, Resident Evil 4 launched on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, and PC on March 24, 2023. 

Highlighted Press Releases


FUR REAL! WHEN MESS HAPPENS, FLUFFYWEIGHT HAS YOU COVERED WITH A BACKUP PLAN. Don’t Tell The Kids But FluffyWeight’s Huggable Weighted Stuffed Animals Have A Second Coat For Sale For Discreet Middle Of The Night Clean Ups. Portland, OR (March 30, 2023) — Everyone knows cats do not like baths. Dogs are much more amenable to a good scrubbing! But what happens when your FluffyWeight snuggable Cat or Dog (Spring Sale 30% off price now $54.50) is the recipient of a tummy ache mess or playdate grime? FluffyWeight (available at has the perfect backup plan that’s discreet because no child wants to give up their weighted stuffed animal knowingly! 


DID YOU HEAR? SHOUT! STUDIOS TO BRING MOZART’S TIMELESS MASTERPIECE THE MAGIC FLUTE TO HOME SCREENS ON APRIL 25. Families Can Experience the Magic from the Comfort of Home on VOD April 25 and Blu-ray+DVD Combo, DVD and Digital on May 16. Watch the Official Movie Trailer Here. Los Angeles, CA (March 27, 2023) – Grab the popcorn and gather everyone in the house for a magical adventure straight from the big screen to the home screen with The Magic Flute, available April 25 on VOD, and on May 16 on digital, Blu-ray+DVD Combo and DVD.

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Safety and Counterfeiting

IKEA has issued a product recall for one of its toy products sold in the Philippines following a potential choking hazard among children. IKEA said in an advisory dated March 24 that it is recalling the Blavingad fishing game multicolor product due to the threat of choking on the toy’s small rivets.

Associations, Shows, Awards, Events, and Festivals

GAMA reported the results of its Retail Division elections, and announced a special election in the Wholesale Division.  In the Retailer division, Dawn Marinaro of Paddy’s Game Shoppe in St. Cloud, Minnesota was elected as Secretary of the Retail Division.  Incumbent Rhonda Becker of The Gamers Den of Cambridge, Minnesota, will continue in her seat on the GAMA Board of Directors (along with John Coviello of...

***The above posted after March 31st***

George Leon and Maca Rotter to Host 2023 Licensing International Excellence Awards. Licensing International is thrilled to announce that industry veterans George Leon and Maca Rotter will host the 2023 Licensing International Excellence Awards. With decades of experience, Leon and Rotter are beloved and respected experts in the global brand licensing industry. 

TTPM 2023 Spring Showcase Highlights. TTPM, a leading outlet for the latest news, reviews and anything else for toys and licensing, has another Spring Showcase in the books, where they exhibited their most wanted toys list for the spring season. This year’s event drew a wide crowd of exhibitors, influencers, media, and more to see all the up and coming product for Q1 and Q2 2023. 

Brand & Lifestyle Licensing Awards 2023 (B&LLAs) Finalists Announced. The B&LLAs attracted a record number of entries this year, from companies large and small. All of the main product categories were judged by a panel that comprised of retail buyers from right across the spectrum including Argos, ASDA, Boots, Dunelm, FatFace, Home Bargains, John Lewis & Partners, JoJo Maman Bébé,...


The UK independent buying group Toymaster has announced that its spring/summer catalogue will be available to read online and in print from 3rd April. The 16-page catalogue (unless you’re in Ireland, where it’s 20 pages) is jam packed with the latest toys and games from leading suppliers including Lego – which adorns the front cover – Spin Master, Playmobil, Character Options, Jazwares, Bandai, Funko and more.

The Toy Foundation chose ChizSix Marketing & Media as its Agency of Record, recognizing the work the agency has done in marketing, branding, and more for the toy industry. ChizSix, which launched last year, will develop communications campaigns between donors, volunteers, and industry partners along with supporting the Foundation’s Toy of the Year (TOTY) event.


Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment (WiT) has officially launched nominations for the 2023 Wonder Women Awards. “This year’s theme is Thrive Together: Celebrating Boldness, Impact, and Collaboration,” says Nancy Molenda, Wonder Women Awards Co-Chair. “We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate our industry’s remarkable women for their hard work, determination, and collaborative achievements.”


GAMA has announced the results of the recent election held to elect members of the Board of Directions in all categories except retailers, who will vote in a separate election beginning on March 28.  The new and returning members of the BoD are: Eric Price, Mejia Games Factory (Production), Grace Collins, Snowbright Studio (Creator), Monica Rasso, Tabletop Enterprises LLC/Meeples at Sea (Media & Events), Lee Allentuck...


E3 2023 loses Sega and Tencent amid communication concerns. A day after Ubisoft said it was skipping out on E3 2023, both Sega and Tencent have also backed off from attending. Per IGN, the two publishers are among several who've pulled out of the in-person return for the annual game event. Several sources speaking to IGN explained they lacked substantial information from ReedPop and the ...


Ubisoft backs out of E3 2023 a month after saying it would attend. A new report from VGC reveals Ubisoft has opted out of going to E3 2023. Back in February, the French developer confirmed it would attend the event. At the time, Ubisoft was notably one of the few high-profile developers that said it would be going, as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all stated (or reaffirmed) they wouldn't be showing up. 


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RIP - Rest in Play - Remembering Those that have Passed

If you know of a colleague's passing, please send us information so we may share with our colleagues. Archives can be found HERE

Klaus Teuber, the designer of Settlers of Catan passed away on April 1, 2023 at age 70.  He was a German dental technician who became a professional board game designer.
Klaus designed four games that won the prestigious Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) award: Barbarossa (1988), Adel Verpflichtet (1990), Drunter und Drüber (1991) and The Settlers of Catan (1995). The latter sold over 40 million copies with many line expansions.


Steven W. Smith, toy industry PR veteran. Steven W. Smith, public relations toy industry veteran, has died after complications from heart surgery. Smith worked in the industry for more than 50 years and notably created the public relations campaign that launched Teddy Ruxpin, one of the most iconic toys from the ‘80s. Smith opened his first firm in 1984, working with Bandai, General Mills, Target, Nike, Home Savings, and the World of Wonders before the firm was purchased by Saatchi & Saatchi.

“Steven was a true professional,” says Scott Allison, Chairman and CEO of Allison+Partners. “When we started our company and opened our offices in Los Angeles, Steven joined our co-founder, Scott Pansky, and helped us grow the office bringing several of his team members and clients with him including Cakebread Cellars and the Blackhawk Network, formerly Safeway Gift Cards.”

He relaunched his firm in 1992 as Smith Public Relations with clients including Mattel, McKesson Corp., Carl’s Jr., Best Buy, Vivendi Universal, and Capitol EMI. He joined Allison+Partners as Senior Vice President in 2002.

Smith graduated from California State University, Northridge with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. He is survived by his son Todd and his sister Robyn Askenaizer, her husband Gary, and her sons Adam and Chris.

Dana Weise, 82, retired VP Sales Mattel, peacefully passed away on February 9, 2023, at home in Rockwall, Texas surrounded by his family.
Dana was born to Fred and Marion Weiss on November 24, 1940 in Lakewood, Ohio. After graduating from Avon Lake High School in 1958, he enlisted in the United Coast Guard and served from 1959 to 1963. He completed basic training at Cape May, New Jersey, and then transferred to Petty Officer's school in Groton, Connecticut. He specialized in electronics and communication technology. He was based in Galveston, Texas during Hurricane Carla in 1961. At the end of his enlistment, he received the CG Good Conduct Medal for exemplary service during his tenure.
Following his USCG service, he returned home and began a sales position with Beechnut and Lifesaver. In 1966, he joined Mattel Toys, Inc. serving as Vice-President of domestic sales. He supervised toy sales to over 2,550 Wal-Mart Stores nationwide until his retirement in 2000.


Bryan J Bendavid - SVP of Sales at Schylling, died on March 13, mere weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. The 56-year-old executive dedicated more than 30 years of his life to the industry, the past three of which have been spent growing the reach of classic toy brands, including NeeDoh, Big Wheel, and more.
“We are deeply saddened by the loss of Bryan … he was a dynamic leader, steadfast partner, and a cherished friend,” says Paul Weingard, President, and CEO at Schylling. “Bryan loved his work and loved his team, and we are thankful for all he has done for us. We will continue his legacy at Schylling as we honor and remember this extraordinary man.”
Bendavid entered the toy industry as an account executive at Russ Berrie & Co., eventually growing his profile and taking on leadership roles at companies including GUND, Epoch Everlasting Play, and Spin Master as he worked on bringing brands including Pusheen, Calico Critters, Trolls, and others to retailers across North America.
“Bryan has left an unforgettable impact on Schylling, its employees, and its customers,” adds Bryan Katzel, Vice President of Product Development at Schylling. “We are truly honored to have had Bryan as a member of our executive team and work family. While we are deeply saddened by his loss, our hearts are with his family and loved ones during this difficult time.”
Bendavid is survived by his wife of 31 years, Lisa, son Jared, daughters Emily and Carlie, mother Jane, and sister Beth Piersanti and her husband Frank.

Lance Reddick, an actor for live action and video games, has passed away at the age of 60. Per sources speaking to TMZ, the actor is believed to have passed from natural causes. Born June 7, 1962, Reddick is best known for Cedric Daniels on HBO's The Wire. Throughout the decades, he accumulated a prolific TV career in popular genre shows such as Lost, Fringe, and Netflix's animated Castlevania series.

Beginning in 2009 with 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, Reddick began to do voice acting for video games. His credits include Bungie's Destiny franchise (Commander Zavala), Guerrilla Games' Horizon (Sylens), and Remedy's Quantum Break (Martin Hatch).

Reddick's final roles include the upcoming John Wick: Chapter 4 and Disney's Percy Jackson & the Olympians.

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WizKids Unveils Two New 'Deep Cuts' Fantasy Miniatures Packs
WizKids Reveals New 'D&D Icons of the Realms: Adventure in a Box'
Next Wave of 'D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures' Incoming
Games Workshop Announces New Edition of 'Warhammer 40,000'
Delve into the Depths with 'D&D Icons of Realms: Seas & Shores'
'Warhammer' Seraphon Faction Gets Reinforcements
Gale Force Nine Expands 'ALIENS' Line
'Critical Role: Exandria Unlimited - The Crown Keepers Boxed Set' Incoming
Gale Force Nine Sends Players Out on 'Star Trek: Away Missions'
ICv2 Miniatures Week 2023

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News Flash: Wandering Towers Announced, New Games from Blue Orange
Capstone Games has announced Wandering Towers, Blue Orange Games has announced a slew of new kids and family games, and The Adventures of Robin Hood is getting an expansion.




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