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POP Networking Events Around the World

"The CHITAG/POP Pub events are super amazing networking for global business and ... sometimes even personally!  I met my Canadian wife at the New York Connolly's POP Pub event. She was working for a Canadian toy company, decided to move to Copenhagen to live with me and we now have 2 kids together and could not be happier!" 

- Kristian Dreinø, CEO Rhino Dreino Consulting, Inventor of MimiQ and Sales Manager

I’m a consultant for Maestro Media because of POP Pub events! At the POP pub event during the Long Beach ASTRA was the first time I met Javon from Maestro Media in person, and he offered me the job shortly after that meetup! - Daryl Andrews

Below are pictures from past events in London, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Barcelona, Philadelphia, Memphis, Baltimore, Phoenix, Providence, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, Montreal, Milwaukee and more cities! See below for schedule.

2023 POP  Pub Events
Chicago during POP Week, November 1st, 2023

Pete Deuling Pianos Bar

6:00pm at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar - the POP Roast of Rich Mazel and Toy Takedown with Brian TurtleTom Rushton and Matt Nuccio.

Pictures to be posted! 

Rich Mazel Roast ver 1.jpg
Toy Takedown Brian Turtle Matt Nucci Tom Rushton_edited.png
New York City, October 2nd, 2023 During NYTF

Connolly's Pub on 45th

6pm to long after midnight, attendees come and go all night! 

They have great pub food, including chocolate peanut butter pie! 

Pictures HERE!

Barcelona, June 5th, 2023
Barcelona Spain 2023 pub event Casa Fuster Terrace.jpg
London, During DISTOY, May 31st, 2023
DISTOY 2023 invitation May 26 2023.png
2022 POP  Pub Events

Long Beach, CA for ASTRA

June 14th at The Auld Dubliner

Thank you to GPI for sponsoring the first $1500 in beverages! 

Here are photos! 

London, during DISTOY, May 18th at the Buckingham Arms

Committee: Eleanor Black, Hannah Palfrey, Casey Norman, Mary Couzin

Wednesday, May 18th! Brilliant event - so good to see everyone! 

Here are photos! 

Thank you to our sponsors! 









New York on February 24th during NYTF at Connolly's Pub on 45th

Virtual in POP's Virtual Pub on Februrary 21st

distoy sponsors as of May 10  2022.jpg
GPI logo smaller.jpg
2020 CHITAG Pub Events

New York, NY on February 24th during NYTF at Connolly's Pub on 45th

6pm to long after midnight, attendees come and go all night! 

They have great pub food, including chocolate peanut butter pie! 

Pictures HERE!

Salt Lake City March 19th

6-9pm at CytyByrd Cafe

No cover charge and $5 tapas as well as great networking!

Register HERE! Postponed due to pandemic

Chicago on April 1st at Cards Against Humanity's Chicago Board Game Cafe 

Uber Awesome New Hot Venue in Chicago! 

Register HERE! Postponed due to pandemic

Seattle, WA, in April or May - Postponed due to pandemic

London, during DISTOY, in May at the Buckingham Arms

Wednesday, May 27th - Postponed due to pandemic

Tel Aviv, Israel, in May or June - Postponed due to pandemic

Barcelona, Spain, in June - Postponed due to pandemic

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in July

Minneapolis, MN in July

 Los Angeles, CA, in September

Mexico City, Mexico, in October

More Pub Events Around the World TBA! 

2019 CHITAG Pub Events

New York, NY on February 18th at Connolly's Irish Pub on 45th

One of the biggest events during NYTF. It was a blast! 

London, UK during DISTOY May 29th at the Buckingham Arms. Masked Ball Theme!

See Pictures for the fab evening!  Over 250 people spilling into the streets! 

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

distoy sponsors as of April 15 2019_edit

Barcelona, Spain - June 4th at 1881 per Sagardi 

Join us for Tapas Experience in Barcelona overlooking Port of Barcelona!

See Pictures from the gorgeous evening! 

Thank you to Entertoyment for making this event come to life.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands - July 16th

J.D. William's Whiskey Bar

See Pictures from this Fun Evening! 

Thank you to our sponsors for providing culinary delights! 

Amsterdam sponsor logos June 20 2019.jpg

Chicago in August - July 25th

First at Berger Park for Platforms in the Park, part of Chicago Ideas Week 

and then Moody's for food and beverages! 

See Pictures from this Fun Evening!

Los Angeles, CA on September 26th

See Pictures from this Awesome Event! 

Thank you to Cartamundi for sponsoring culinary delights and beverages!

Special guest: Nolan Bushnell!

2018 CHITAG Get-Togethers

New York, NY during NYTF at Connolly's Irish Pub on 45th

One of the biggest events during NYTF 

Milwaukee, WI - April 12th at Lulu Cafe and Bar

Thank you to Peggy Brown for making this event happen! ​ 


Tel Aviv, Israel - April 23rd at Beer Bazaar Lewinski 13 Zvulun St. Tel Aviv

Thank you to the Coster Family of Theora Design for making this event happen and

Hasbro and Spin Master for providing culinary delights for all! 
Pictures Here!




Chicago, IL - ​May 3rd ​at Jeffrey Breslow's JB Gallery

with celebrity pop artist Kathleen Keifer exclusive pre-show opening! Thank you Jeffrey for hosting! 
Pictures HERE!


London, UK - May 31st During DISTOY at the Buckingham Arms

Thank you to 7Towns, OOBA and Fuse for their creative juice and

Goliath, The Michael Kohner CorporationHasbro, DISTOYIdentity Games, Fundamentally Children, Longshore, Thames & Kosmos UKEntertoyment John Adams, Women in Toys

and Vivid Imagination for culinary delights! 

Pictures HERE!












New Orleans, LA - Tuesday June 12th during ASTRA

5:30 at Gordon Biersch


Toronto, Canada​ at Snakes & Lattes​ ​-​ ​July 16th

Thank you to sponsors Snakes & Lattes and Kids Table Board Gaming

See Pictures HERE!



Ann Arbor, Michigan at Rappaport - July 17th 

Thank you to Michael Steer of Random Games for making this event happen!

Greater Los Angeles Area in Santa Monica

Tuesday, August 21st at Finn McCools's 6 pm

Amsterdam in The Netherlands at J.D. William's Whiskey Bar

Friday, September 7th

Thank you to our sponsors for food bites! 

 See pictures HERE












Interested in hosting a get-together in your city or sponsoring an event?

Just let us know! We love bringing people together - it is our special sauce! 

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