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January 5-12, 2024


Welcome to Your Weekly News Brief!


Happy New Year! 

Thank you, United Inventors Association, for including me in the UIA Inspire 2023 Top 100 Award Winners and congratulations to the other winners! Being an inventor was my first role in the toy biz, and in those days, resources for inventors to learn, network, and get a foothold the industry were virtually non-existent. Back then, googling was not an option! As a matter of fact, people of play were generally pretty isolated and didn’t interact much in the broader industry. I saw that disconnect as an opportunity, which was what led me to creating CHITAG/POP over 20 years ago! 

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Person of the Week - McHale Design's Joe Campos 

Helping Brands Thrive, since 1985!

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Hi Joe! Thank you for taking time to chat with us today. What are your roles and responsibilities in our industry?

I am CEO and owner of McHale Design Inc.

We are a creative agency that specializes in premium branding and packaging for the Toy and Youth Entertainment Industries. We utilize our decades of creative expertise, by evaluating your strategies, key marketing objectives, then skillfully translating them into powerful creative solutions.  We have been helping brands thrive, since 1985!


What is it about the Toy and Game Industry that you love?

I have always loved toys since as a kid of the 80s, I played with He-Man, Transformers, Star Wars, and many others. I fell in love with the industry during my 10 years at Mattel and wanted to learn as much as possible of how it all worked. 


What has been your biggest achievement?

I would have to say becoming the owner of McHale Design since purchased it from Maureen McHale after she retired. She is a legend in this industry and started this agency back in 1985! Great Scott!!  READ MORE...

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Industry Commentary - J.L. Allyn

Ancient Gaming Was A Matter of Life & Death

ancient gaming.png

In ancient Egypt, board games were for more than fun and games. They were a matter of market strategy. Often for the women importers/exporters, getting their goods from the Lower Egypt northern farms to the Upper Egypt southern markets was a matter of life and death.


Two of the more well-known ancient Egyptian board games were shemete "buy, sell, trade" and mechen "load, transport" (referred to as senet and mahen by Egyptologists -- see Both games helped ancient women importers/exporters develop trade strategy.

Weyzero Queens: Mothers, Owners & Commanders of Ancient Egypt


The Weyzero ("Mrs.") women owned all the land and were considered the queen mothers, owners and commanders of ancient Egypt.  READ MORE...

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Cartoon Lovers, Lexophiles & People in Need of a Smile! 

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Cartoons of the Week: Thank you to the anonymous person who sent this week's cartoon. (Is the music playing in your head? You're welcome!)

Lexophile Lovers:  "I've started telling everyone about the benefits of eating dried grapes. It's all about raisin awareness." Thank you, Jerry Cleary for sharing with our readers! 

Memorable Quotes:

When caught between two evils, I generally pick the one I've never tried before. -Mae West

“What makes something special is not just what you have to gain, but what you feel there is to lose.” -Andre Agassi

Toy Industry Word of Day:  Rollbot  If you can think of a toy/game industry word not in our POPDictionary, add it and we will connect it to you POP profile, feature it here in an upcoming week and on POP's homepage! 

Have a cartoon, quote or a joke to share with your colleagues? Send it to me!  Mary

Financial and Legal

Goliath Acquires Funko Games, Prospero Hall. Goliath has bought Funko’s board game and puzzles assets along with its tabletop game design team Prospero Hall. Prospero Hall, a Seattle-based game design collective, has put out some well received designs in recent years, including Disney Villainous in 2018, Horrified in 2019 and Pan Am in 2020, as well as pop culture tie-in games including Jaws and Rear Window.


Layoffs are coming again to Disney’s Pixar studio later this year, Kidscreen has confirmed, though the cuts will not be as deep as the 20% figure that some media outlets have reported. Pixar eliminated 75 positions last June in its first significant wave of layoffs this decade. The cuts were part of a broader plan to slash 7,000 jobs across Disney’s entire operation.

Toy manufacturers' shift from China is no child's playToy makers grappling with surging costs in China are finding no easy options when it comes to shifting production to cheaper centres elsewhere. Six years ago, monopoly maker Hasbro approached Indian durable goods and aerospace supplier Aequs to sub-contract. 


*** The above posted after tBR started running on January 12th ***


LA-based Second Dinner, the studio behind Marvel Snap, has raised US$100 million and is eyeing growth in the kids market. Venture capitalist firm Griffin Gaming Partners led the recent Series B funding round and has joined Second Dinner as a minority investor. The co. plans to continue operating independently and will use the new capital to expand Marvel Snap, build its development slate and pursue new licensing...


Global economy headed for worst half-decade in 30 years, World Bank warns. The global economy will slow in 2024 for the third straight year and appears headed for its weakest half-decade since the early 1990s, the World Bank said Tuesday in its latest annual forecast. While higher interest rates appear to be bringing inflation under control without the serious financial crisis or soaring unemployment that many had feared...


Strong US jobs growth dampens talk of rate cuts. Hiring in the US was unexpectedly strong last month, as the American economy continued to defy forecasts of a slowdown. Employers added 216,000 jobs and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.7%, the Labor Department said. Government hiring drove the gains, which extended one of the strongest streaks of job creation on record.

Hard choices for the West in Red Sea stand-off. The mass attack by Yemen's Houthi rebels against vessels in the Red Sea on 9 January was their biggest yet and it signals two things. Firstly, the Iranian-backed Houthis are not backing down in the face of international pressure. Secondly, they clearly have a powerful arsenal of missiles and drones and they are not afraid to launch them at Western warships.

US and UK hint at military action after largest Houthi attack in Red Sea. The US and UK have hinted they could take military action against Yemen's Houthi rebels, after they repelled the largest attack yet on Red Sea shipping. Carrier-based jets and warships shot down 21 drones and missiles launched by the Iran-backed group on Tuesday night. 


Amazon slashes jobs at Twitch, MGM and Prime Video. Amazon is to axe hundreds of staff across its subsidiaries Twitch, Prime Video and MGM studios. More than 500 Twitch employees - a third of the streamer's workforce - will be laid off, according to a note from chief executive Dan Clancy. Amazon said several hundred employees at Prime Video and film studio MGM will also lose their jobs this week.


Gaming voice actors blindsided by 'garbage' union AI deal. Prominent voice actors say they weren't told about a landmark deal setting out how voices generated by artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in games. It has been struck by US actors' union Sag-Aftra and AI firm Replica Studios. The union says it guarantees "fully informed consent and fair compensation" for its members. 


SAG-AFTRA says terms of controversial AI voice deal will inform future negotiations. Game actors union SAG-AFTRA has released a deluge of documents in a bid to clarify exactly how it's AI agreement with voice technology company Replica Studios will function, and has emphasized the deal is an "experimental" one-year agreement.

SAG-AFTRA's new agreement lets game devs use AI voices. Studios working with voice technology company Replica Studios are now permitted by acting and performance union SAG-AFTRA to use voices replicated by generative AI in their games. Per the Hollywood Reporter, the union and Replica struck an agreement letting developers (triple-A and otherwise) to "access top SAG-AFTRA talent," and for actors to...


Tencent completes majority ownership of Dying Light dev Techland. As of this year, Tencent is now a majority owner of Techland. The tech giant made its plans known back in July, which Techland said would help it "move full speed ahead" on its future projects. Polish estimates put the deal at 6.3 billion PLN (or nearly $1.6 billion), making it the largest transaction in the region.

ByteDance discussing game asset sale with Tencent. Last year it was rumored that TikTok owner ByteDance, owner of Marvel Snap publisher Nuverse and other video game companies, was considering selling up and exiting the mainstream gaming market. Now, Reuters is reporting that fellow Chinese video game and tech conglomerate Tencent wants to purchase some of those assets from ByteDance.



Program Highlights

  • A++ rated insurer, $20 Billion in assets

  • Exceeds Wal-Mart and other leading retailers insurance requirements

  • Variable rate based on sales projections

  • Foreign & Domestic Liability coverage

  • Blanket additional insured vendors

  • Employee benefits liability

  • All certificates and claims handled in house

  • Quick quotation turnaround

  • Product recall expense $250,000 limit


Additional Coverage

  • Umbrella up to $50,000,000

  • Ocean Cargo & Property

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  • Credit Insurance

  • US Customs Bond Insurance


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Financial Reporting

‘Wonka’ Hits Sweet Milestone As Musical Tops $500M WW; ‘Beekeeper’ Buzzes To $37M Global Bow, ‘Mean Girls’ Clicks With $35M – International Box Office


*** The above posted after January 12th ***


B&M reports sales rise in its Q3. The retailer has reported that sales increased by 5% over its third financial quarter, despite the company experiencing an overall slowdown in growth. 

The Very Group has announced its (positive) Christmas and Black Friday period trading results for the seven weeks to 22nd December 2023. Very UK retail sales grew +3.4% year-on-year, supporting group retail sales growth of +2.1% year-on-year. 

Sony Pictures Television has written down the value of its Silvergate Media subsidiary—which it purchased for US$195 million four years ago—by US$50.5 million.


Unity cutting about 1,800 people in company's largest layoff





Trends, Lists, Market Research, and State of the Industry

Will Homeschooling Parents Save Edtech? More states are now giving money to families who pull their kids out of public school, creating a pot that can be spent on online learning and microschool programs.



Optimism is on the rise around the world, according to a recent global predictions report conducted by Ipsos. The survey found that 70% of people expect 2024 to be a better year than 2023,

*** The above posted after tBR started running on January 12th ***


Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and IDW Publishing all lost market share in the fourth quarter of 2023, compared to the third quarter, while Image Comics made the biggest gain

Mean Girls should do nice business in its box office debut. Paramount’s movie adaptation of the Broadway musical that was, in turn, based on the 2004 big-screen teen comedy is expected to open to as much as $30 million over the long Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend.


TV Ratings: Golden Globes Jump 50 Percent With CBS Switch. The awards also benefited from a strong NFL lead-in Sunday afternoon.

TCGPlayer Top 25 Sealed Products (With Price Shifts) - December 2023. Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter Booster Box topped the December 2023 TCGplayer Top 25 Sealed Products chart...

China led mobile game spending and downloads for 2023. Player spending hit $107.31 billion last year (down 2 percent from 2022), continuing a downward trend that began in 2021. Despite those decreases, it's up nearly 7 percent from 2020's $100.53 billion. 


10 days into 2024 and 2300+ video game layoffs have been announced. This year is already looking to be another horrible one for people making games

Initial Holiday retail sales results point to ‘Okay’ season

Toyjobs has been the dominant recruiting

Stories, Comments, and Advice

Unfinished Video Games Are Turning Into Hits. When players buy games in early access, they can give studios both valuable feedback and a crucial revenue stream. With the help of lightning rings, garlic and Bibles, players were outlasting waves of ghouls and beasts in Vampire Survivors long before the video game was released officially. Vampire Survivors became a word-of-mouth hit during its early access period...

The Indiana Pacers are hosting the NBA All-Star Game in February, so the Indianapolis International Airport added a full-length basketball court right in the middle of a terminal in honor of the occasion. No, really. There’s a basketball court in the airport, complete with stanchions, glass backboards with shot clocks and a hardwood-ready paint job on the floor. Imagine grabbing a meal before hopping on your flight and a full-length five-on-five game breaks out. That’s peak entertainment.

*** The above posted after January 12th ***


John Baulch, Toy World. Hong Kong takeway… it’s the Friday (Hong Kong) Blog! I have spent this week in Hong Kong, although I will be back in the UK by the time you read this Blog. I may or may not actually be awake (a week of atrocious sleep caused by jetlag takes its toll), but I will at least be on home soil. When I flew out last Friday evening, I posted on LinkedIn that I would be heading here for the first time in four years...

Letter from America - Rick Derr shares with us how the year has ended up for indie retail in the USA and tells us his personal highlights. Did I see the grumpy old Grinch lurking in the shadows of Christmas? We have no time for a furry, green mean-spirited personality here, although we love green, as long as it’s dollars. While the first 10 days of December started off with promise - and sales roughly on a par...


Three predictions for 2024. We Are Family CEO Maurice Wheeler shares his thoughts on the kids media business in the year ahead. Following a noticeable slump in TV spending—and heightened fears about AI-generated content—2024 is poised to be a defining period for many companies in the kids entertainment space.  On the back of a year that has felt stagnant in many ways, 2024 will likely be a turning point that pushes...


To wean the toy industry off plastic is no easy game. Plastic is omnipresent in our lives and few sectors use it as extensively as the toy industry. Some 90% of the world’s new toys feature some form of plastic, which can persist in the environment for up to 500 years. This plasticised and digitised world is a far cry from my childhood in 1990s India with its outdoor play and a handful of wooden and cloth toys. 


Top-10 most valuable Hot Wheels of 2023. Hot Wheels has rolled down the garage doors on 2023, but not before delighting us with another year of exciting new model cars, trucks and so much more. Which were the most valuable Hot Wheels among them from 2023? The ones we absolutely need in our collections? We take a look!

ROXi, a music video streaming app for TVs whose backers include Simon Cowell and Kylie Minogue that was first launched in the U.K., is coming to the U.S. The service promises American viewers access to some 100 mill. music videos - including the likes of Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé — plus hundreds of curated music video channels, karaoke and music games. ROXi’s services are available free with ads, or...

A survey of the leading AI scientists says there’s a 5% chance that AI will become uncontrollable and wipe out humanity. In the short term, researchers estimate AI will become significantly more advanced, able to create a Top 40 pop song and write an NYT bestseller before 2030. So at least our AI overlords will entertain us before they kill us.

Daughter gifts mom and dad toys they always wanted as children, but never received. Abigail Oviedo of Grayslake, IL, recently proved it's never too late to tap into the charm and whim of childhood holiday spirit. This holiday season, Abigail decided to give her parents presents they had wanted as children, but never received. She shared a video of her parents receiving the gifts on TikTok on Dec. 30, where it garnered over 2.4 million views and more than 188,000 likes.

Sparking toy industry magic at retail in ’24: From merchandising to innovation, the toy industry and its retail partners have their work cut out for them in 2024. The toy industry is facing some headwinds this year. As we closed the books on 2023 and started a fresh one for 2024, much uncertainty remains due to a variety of un-fun factors that need to be addressed quickly and in a collaborative way. 


Why retailers are excited for this year’s UK Toy Fair. Ahead of Toy Fair 2024, the Toy World team asked retailers to tell us what they’re most looking forward to seeing at this year’s event. The anticipation is palpable as this year’s Toy Fair approaches, with retailers eager to maximise their experience. For many, the prospect of reconnecting face-to-face with industry professionals post-pandemic is as important as the hunt...

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History and Nostalgia


Fruit Stripe Gum discontinued after more than 50 years. Fruit Stripe Gum, something of a childhood icon for many gum chewers over the past five decades, will soon head over the rainbow with its multicolored zebra mascot Yipes — seemingly for good. The manufacturer of Fruit Stripe Gum, the Chicago company Ferrara Candy Co., gave the magazine Food & Wine a statement Tuesday that it is discontinuing the product...

'90s Throwback: When Furbys Caused National Security Fears. There was a time when Americans feared the animatronic furballs could threaten national security by recording and repeating what they hear. When it first hit toy stores in 1998, Furby was an immediate sensation. The animatronic furball would eventually be recognized by Time Magazine as one of “History’s Best Toys.” And just as it spiked in popularity...


The first toy advertised on TV was Mr. Potato Head. While toy commercials are ubiquitous today, they were virtually unheard of before April 30, 1952. That day, a television ad for Mr. Potato Head aired for the first time. George Lerner created an early version of the toy tuber in 1949, and sold the rights to Hassenfeld Brothers (which became Hasbro) three years later.

Popeye Spinach Flip from Whitman (1969). Published by Whitman in 1969, the Popeye Spinach Flip game challenged players to fling spinach balls towards a target in the hopes that hand-eye coordination and luck would unite for a triumphant score. The object of the game was to obtain the highest score by launching a series of plastic spinach balls towards a target illustrated with images of characters from the Popeye...

Chutes Away from Gabriel (1977). Released in 1977 from Gabriel, Chutes Away challenged players ages six and up to save the day as the pilot of a Coast Guard land and sea rescue plane. The mission was to drop a set of eight plastic parachutists into various scoring cups on a revolving terrain, accumulating points and rescuing survivors along the way. 

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Licensing and Entertainment 

Canadian pubcaster TVOKids is working on a new unscripted series called Trading Skills that shines a spotlight on the country’s skilled tradespeople. The channel greenlit this live-action show for six- to nine-year-olds from Toronto’s Riverbank Pictures (How Do You Feel?, When I Grow Up!), and producer Francis Mitchell says its goal is to explore trade professions in three categories: traditional (plumbers and electricians)...

Amuse moves its digital-first hits beyond YouTube. With billions of views in the bag, the studio's IPs are heading to linear television for the first time. Gran Canaria’s Amuse Animation, best known for creating popular YouTube shows for kids, has inked its first linear TV deals with four broadcasters.  Mexico’s TV Azteca has picked up free-TV, free-VOD and AVOD rights in Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala to Shark Academy...

*** The above posted after tBR started running on January 12th ***


Mario Lopez-Hosted ‘Blank Slate’ Starts on Game Show Network January 8. Blank Slate sees a team of two friends and a comedian guest-answer trivia.The board game, from USAopoly, bills itself as “The Game Where Great Minds Think Alike.” Blank Slate is a Game Show Enterprises Studios production with Rane Laymance the executive producer, along with Richard Gerrits and Laura Robinson for Heath Street Media.

Barbie unveils Women in Film doll collection. Mattel has announced the 2024 Career of the Year Women in Film dolls, which feature four unique careers to ignite inspiration among the next generation of women to explore careers in film, whether as directors, actresses or in various other roles within the industry. Over the past year, women’s impact on the film industry has been tremendous.

Disney+ breakout star Grogu (better known as Baby Yoda) is getting his own theatrical film called The Mandalorian & Grogu, which will be directed and produced by Jon Favreau. Favreau is a Disney favorite whose directorial credits with the company include Iron Man and The Jungle Book. Lucasfilm execs Kathleen Kennedy and Dave Filoni will also have producer credits on the feature, which should go into production...

The Hershey Company has inked a new licensing deal with Florida-based theme park company Falcon’s Beyond. Under the global agreement, Falcon’s will build and launch location-based entertainment experiences based on iconic Hershey’s candy brands like Reese’s and Twizzlers. The plan is for every destination to offer a Hershey-inspired attraction, a “food and beverage experience” that lets visitors savor...

Key licences for the year ahead. With almost one-third of UK toy sales coming from licensed ranges, it’s important for licensees and retailers to choose wisely when it comes to which licences to work with. Publisher John Baulch writes that 2023 was a good year for sales of licensed toys. According to Circana, licensed toys outperformed the rest of the toy market last year, accounting for 32% of all toy sales.

British studio 3Megos has signed on to develop and produce a new CG-animated series called Nelly Jelly, based on a popular Lithuanian publishing franchise. Author/illustrator Lina Žutautė’s same-name book series for preschoolers was turned into a 2D-animated feature film called Nelly Jelly: My Movie that hit theaters in Lithuania last April, generating US$263,778). To make the concept work internationally, 

Washington’s Aspen Institute is seeking pitches for short-form content for tweens that focuses on climate science. The nonprofit org issued a callout today as part of its This is Planet Ed program, which is all about using educational channels to raise environmental awareness among the next generation of potential climate activists.  Projects must target the eight to 12 demo and integrate these four climate principles.

Disney Branded Television is loading up its platforms with more Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir content, thanks to a new package deal with ZAG and co-producer Mediawan Kids & Family.  Disney has acquired seasons six and seven of the hit brand’s CG-animated series (52 x 22 minutes), along with three new hour-long specials. All of the content will premiere on Disney Channels worldwide...

Netflix and Mattel have released the official trailer and key art for the new show Masters of the Universe: Revolution. The new Netflix series follows He-Man and the heroic warriors as they face Skeletor. John De Lancie’s role as Granamyr was also recently revealed. Masters of the Universe: Revolution is produced by Mattel Television Studios, with animation by Powerhouse Animation Studios. Voice actors include...

Holiday Hill Farm inks consumer products deal with Oriental Trading. Holiday Hill Farm is entering a three-year licensing agreement with Berkshire Hathaway’s Oriental Trading to create products featuring Spookley the Square Pumpkin and other Holiday Hill Farm characters. More than 25 Spookley-themed products will be included in the launch, including stress toys, inflatables, crayons, pencils, necklaces...


Carrera reveals new AI-supported slot car innovation: Carrera Hybrid. At the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show this week, Carrera revealed its next generation of slot cars. Throughout its history, Carrera has continued to update its sets to incorporate new technology. Now, the company is introducing the Carrera Hybrid, a slot car supported by artificial intelligence (AI) that can switch lanes, race across different track types...


Animators say ‘AI isn't going to get you an Oscar’. Comic book writer David Crownson is fearful that artificial intelligence (AI) is "going to put a lot of people out of work" in his industry. "With studios and big-name publishers looking for ways to save money and cut corners, they will no doubt use AI technology," he says. 

iHeartMedia partners with kid-focused social video app Zigazoo. The audio giant is launching a multi-million-dollar marketing campaign across its network to raise the profile of the Generation Alpha and Gen Z-oriented company, which counts Jimmy Kimmel and the NBA among its investors. 

Pen a 'Bridgerton Love Letter'. Z-Man Games will release Bridgerton Love Letter, a new version of the card classic game, into retail on February 24, 2024. The new Love Letter game features the characters from Netflix's Bridgerton streaming series. In this edition, players are investigating the identity of Lady Whistldown. 

Ravensburger announces 'Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls (Disney Edition)'. Ravensburger announced Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls (Disney Edition), a new adventure game, which will release into retail on July 21, 2024. Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls (Disney Edition) combines elements of roleplaying with a traditional board game. 


New ‘Tetris’ merch will drop in celebration of 40th Anniversary. Tetris, the game that might have been your introduction to the beautiful universe of video games, is almost 40 years old. So, it only seems right that fans can celebrate this monumental anniversary with new, Tetris-themed merchandise. As the party approaches, fans should be on the lookout for different Tetris-inspired products. 


The Last of Us scoops eight Emmys, but loses Golden Globes to Succession. Mixed messages have spilled forth from the Hollywood hype machine, as HBO’s acclaimed video game adaptation, The Last of Us, proved the big winner at January 6’s Creative Arts Emmy Awards, taking home eight trophies. But the show was completely snubbed at the following night’s Golden Globes.


Five Nights At Freddy's star says sequel coming ASAP. Video game adaption and horror film Five Nights At Freddy’s, released last year, was a huge box office success. Recently, one of the stars of the movie has confirmed a sequel is coming fast. Last October, Five Nights At Freddy’s hit theaters (and the Peacock streaming service) and quickly became a genuine blockbuster, breaking records and racking up $289 million...


'American Born Chinese' off Disney+; 'Yu Yu Hakusho' debuts strong; Yuen exits 'Thunderbolts'; 'How to Train Your Dragon' live action casting; 'Lisa Frankenstein' trailer; R.I.P. Cindy Morgan. Showbiz Round-Up. It's cold outside, but Hollywood news is warming up for 2024. It's time for a round-up. Disney+ pulled the plug on the American Born Chinese series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  


'Star Wars: Timeline Twist' heads to retail. Asmodee will release Star Wars: Timeline Twist, a new version of the cooperative card game from Zygomatic, into retail on February 16, 2024. Timeline Twist was a new addition to the Timeline series of card games, that came out last year, where players would attempt to place historical events, inventions, and discoveries in chronological order.  


IDW, Paramount, renew 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' contract in TMNT's 40th Anniversary Year. IDW Publishing and Paramount Global have renewed their contract for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, ensuring that IDW’s top-selling property will stay with the publisher and continuing a relationship that began in 2011. 


CMON will release 'Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs of Night City'. CMON will release Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs of Night City, a competitive board game, into U.S. retail on February 9, 2024. This game originally launched on Kickstarter in June 2022, and is headed to hobby retail via Asmodee. The game features four gangs from the Cyberpunk 2077 world that players can choose to join: the Tyger Claws, the Valentinos, the Maelstrom...


Ravensburger unveils 2024 Villainous lineup. Prepare to meet the most cunning card game of them all! Ravensburger, acclaimed publisher behind award-winning board games and high-quality toys and puzzles, announces 2024 plans for its award-winning Villainous franchise. Ravensburger will move to a new format for all Villainous expandalone games in 2024.

Hasbro launches new Trivial Pursuit Infinite in celebration of National Trivia Day. In celebration of National Trivia Day on January 4, Hasbro is launching an exciting new digital experience – Trivial Pursuit Infinite! Since 1982, the phenomenally successful Trivial Pursuit board game has been testing game players’ wits to the limit through dozens of iterations of the physical game including the iconic Classic Edition, Family...


Kids can create epic art with a ‘Bluey’ Spirograph. Kids in need of a for real life activity to express their creativity need look no further. PlayMonster is teaming up with Hasbro to launch a new Spirograph art set featuring some of kids’ favorite characters from the hit show Bluey. Designed for kids ages 5 and up, the Bluey Spirograph Cyclex features Bluey and Bingo hugging each other alongside three rotating stencils...


You’ll go into a frenzy for Stern Pinball’s new ‘Jaws’ machine. You’re going to need a bigger boat. Why? So that you will have room for Stern Pinball’s Jaws-themed pinball game! Stern Pinball’s latest machine takes pinballers to Amity Island as they take on the menacing Great White shark. There are three editions of Jaws pinball: limited edition, premium, and pro. 

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People of Play

Today is National Kid Inventors’ Day! Winner Of The Young Inventor Challenge Creates New Game “Zombie Zania”.  Every year there’s a Young Inventor Challenge where the most creative kids shine bright. Inventor and winner of the “Most Authentic” award — Shea Curran — is here, along with Ahren Hoffman from People of Play. 

From Parlor Games To Game Show Network: How Producer Laura Robinson Turned Childhood Fun Into Fortune. As a child, Ontario-born entrepreneur, Laura Robinson(no relation to me), loved playing parlor games. Harnessing her childhood passion, Robinson has forged an entrepreneurial career path inventing games and selling laughter for forty years. Not only has she turned fun into fortune but her work is...

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day… Steve Evans has announced his return to the Star Wars brand after five years, in a new role as Hasbro’s Design Director for Fan Product for Marvel & Star Wars"These franchises are essential to me, to our fan community, and to the wider pop culture. Radiating like two suns, they deliver stories & characters that ignite hope, belief, and creativity. I’m thrilled & thankful to reunite...

*** The above posted after tBR started running January 12th ***

Head of original content Veronica Pickett has left the Amazon Kids team prior to “several hundred” Prime Video and Amazon MGM Studios team members being laid off. Pickett says she is going to Nickelodeon, adding that she wasn’t asked to leave Amazon Kids, and the Amazon Kids team is not affected by the layoffs. 

The LEGO Group unveils new APAC leadership. Claus Kristensen takes the reins and will open two new business units to drive growth, while former regional president Eric Maugein shifts into a senior consultant role.The LEGO Group is restructuring its leadership in Asia Pacific as regional president Eric Maugein steps down after almost 20 years with the company. Maugein announced he has transitioned into a senior...

Disney Entertainment has hired former Amazon Studios content synergy lead Jon Wax to help build a global pipeline that will feed into Disney+. As EVP of international original television, Wax will work with regional teams around the world to generate local hits for Disney+. He has oversight of the creative side of Disney’s international content slate, while Kristen Finney (EVP of int'l television strategy & operations) handles.


Netflix is integrating Animal Logic into its global animation studio structure and has put Karen Toliver, VP of animation film, in place to head up teams in LA, Sydney and Vancouver. As part of the restructure, Animal Logic CEO Sharon Taylor has resigned.  Netflix acquired Animal Logic in 2022 in order to produce more long-form animated content. At the time, Netflix stated that the Aussie prodco would remain independent.

British toyco Toikido has bolstered its commercial team with the addition of former Sanrio Global executive Sabrina Segalov as its first international licensing director. In her newly created role, Segalov is tasked with developing global licensing programs for Toikido’s in-house brands, including Roblox-first IP Piñata Smashlings and PeaKeeBoo, an upcoming preschool-skewing short series with Moonbug Entertainment. 

Expert Graham Gardiner launches Linked Partnership. The Linked Partnership program covers six key modules from Essential Selling Skills, Key Account Management through to Sales Management. Graham Gardiner, former Rubies commercial director, has recently launched a training company known as Linked Partnership. 

Enchanted Moments expands with new hire, partnerships. Enchanted Moments currently has a presence across the East Coast, with showrooms or offices in New York, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Now, the company is aiming to expand further into U.S. markets, with partnerships and a new hire helping to propel its plans. The Midwest market is one of Enchanted Moments’ targeted areas of expansion. 

Shuji Utsumi named CEO of Sega Europe and America amid transmedia push. Q Entertainment founder Shuji Utsumi is the new CEO of Sega of America and Sega Europe. Utsumi will also serve as the president and COO of those subsidiaries, having spent the past year steering the company's global consumer game and transmedia division as co-COO and president.

Eolo Toys strengthens sales team with Marga Kortylewska. Eolo Toys has announced the appointment of Marga Kortylewska as the newest member of its sales team. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the toy sector, Marga joins Eolo Toys as a country manager for different European countries, bringing a fresh perspective and strategic vision to the company. 


GSNMC Manufacturing ad August 9 2021 for Bloom Report.jpg

Companies and Brands


Pop Mart, the Asian toy and entertainment brand, is opening two new locations on the West Coast. Pop Mart opened its first permanent store in the U.S. last fall at the American Dream Mall in New Jersey, along with pop-up shops in New York and California. Now, two more permanent locations are coming to Santa Clara, California, and Bellevue, Washington.


*** The above posted after January 12th when tBR was sent ***


Grandson of red Radio Flyer wagon creator shares company's history. Radio Flyer was created in Chicago by Italian immigrant Antonio Pasin. His grandson, Robert Pasin, now serves as the company's chief wagon officer, and shared the history of the iconic little red wagon. "My grandpa's story is just one of these quintessential American immigrant success stories," Pasin said. "My grandpa's name was Antonio, and he was...


Mattel has big plans for 2024. After a very successful 2023, Toy World’s Rachael Simpson-Jones met with Mattel’s Michael Hick and Kelly Philp to find out what’s coming for the company in 2024. 2023 was the Year of the Barbie Movie. While everyone at Mattel knew all along that Greta Gerwig’s blockbuster was going to be something special, it’s fair to say both Kelly and Michael were taken aback at just...

Meta, parent company of Facebook, is closing its Frank Gehry-designed London base It will further reduce the number of offices it occupies in London, where the tech giant has its largest staff presence outside of the U.S. The news Meta is shuttering its sizable HQ at One Rathbone Square, in the city’s upmarket Fitzrovia district, comes shortly after it paid £149 million ($189 million) to break a long term...


Educational Insights expands Kanoodle and BrainBolt lines. Educational Insights introduced two new products to its brainteaser and brain game lines at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. BrainBolt Boost and Kanoodle Ultimate Champion will launch this spring. Kanoodle and BrainBolt have become popular among children, adults, and even senior citizens as part of the company’s mission to create...

Jazwares is all set for 2024. Toy World’s Rachael Simpson-Jones spoke with Holly Oldham about Jazwares coming into 2024 on a strong footing, as well as the company’s collaborations, new launches and more. In a year like 2023, you’d have wanted a brand like Squishmallows in your portfolio: an award-winning, year-round, global best-seller with a huge, passionate fan base and massive retail presence.

Basic Fun! shows how much it cares with Toy Fair 2024 line-up. New Care Bears characters will take pride on place on Basic Fun!’s Toy Fair stand, as Misfitten welcomes fresh themes and two major introductions make their debut. Basic FunBasic Fun! UK will be introducing new formats and characters to the Care Bears collection at Toy Fair 2024, on Stand D11...

SnowCandy’s latest inflatables are great additions to kids’ lineup of outdoor toys for the winter. SnowCandy’s latest launches include a camouflage inflatable armchair and an inflatable snow bunker that is built with snowball fights in mind. The Inflatable Armchair featuring Realtree Edge Camo Design ($69.99) is perfect for kicking back in the yard, complete with a built-in cupholder and a fabric bottom...


Toys ‘R’ Us in India: A new chapter in global retail. Toys ‘R’ Us, a renowned name in global toy retail, is poised to launch manufacturing operations in India by mid-2024. This strategic move marks a significant shift for the company, highlighting its focus on tapping into the burgeoning potential of the Indian retail market. .


Exploding Kittens launches 4 new card games. Gaming and entertainment company Exploding Kittens has revealed four new card games. One party game — That Escalated Quickly — launches today, while Power Hungry Pets, Danger Danger, and Hoppy Salmon will be available in stores next month. Exploding Kittens secured the rights to re-imagine and develop an English-language version of Top Ten, the 2022 Spiel Des Jahres...


Toikido forges ahead in 2024. Toikido has unveiled ambitious plans for the upcoming year, with an imminent animated series, a Roblox integration with UEFA and new partnerships and IPs in the pipeline. Established in 2020, Toikido initially explored third-party IPs before gaining recognition with its first in-house creation, Piñata Smashlings, introduced last year. 


Company profile – Connetix. Award-winning educational toy company Connetix tells us about its portfolio expansion and how its appearance on the Q1 trade show circuit will help with brand awareness. Since launching in June 2019, right before the Covid-19 pandemic, Connetix has enjoyed remarkable success, becoming one of the industry’s most dynamic and fastest growing young companies.


Build-A-Bear, Axiom Space send teddy bear to space. The upcoming launch will mark the second mission featuring GiGi the Build-A-Bear bear. Build-A-Bear is blasting off once more with Axiom Space! The two companies partnered last year to launch teddy bear GiGi into space with the Axiom Mission 2 astronauts. 


Step2’s New Toy Storage Box brings organization to your home. The Harmony Toy Storage Box from Step2 features plenty of room for stuffed animals, action figures, and more. The Harmony Toy Storage Box is more than a storage container. The box features a large bottom storage area, a middle shelf perfectly sized for books, and a top shelf that kids can use to display their favorite toys. 


Lucky Duck Games reveals 'Sweet Mess'. Lucky Duck Games revealed Sweet Mess, a new board game, for release into U.S. retail on February 9, 2024. In this game, players are chefs entered in the Sweet Mess Pastry Competition.  They will need to gather Ingredients from Bowls, prepare Recipes, and then complete them in order to claim Awards.  


Pat Avenue grows portfolio for 2024. Pat Avenue UK has signed two new distribution deals, adding Motor Town and Drench to its popular ranges. Motor Town will be available from Easter 2024. Quality, collectibility and value are at the heart of this pre-school vehicle and playset range, which is suitable for children aged 18 months and over. 


Miniso celebrates Blind Box Carnival with new store openings. Miniso ended 2023 with an international celebration of one of its most popular product offerings, taking the opportunity to also open new store locations in China and Indonesia. The brand is known for its blind box goods featuring characters from a variety of intellectual properties such as Disney, Sanrio, Zanmang Loopy, and more.

LEGO expands Braille Bricks to new languages. LEGO launched its Braille Bricks, a set that makes learning Braille in English and French more accessible, in August. Now, the company is expanding the sets to feature German, Spanish, and Italian. “For blind and partially sighted children — and adults for that matter — it makes all the difference if they can share their journey of learning braille with the people...


Steve Jackson announces a Darwin Bromley railroad game and a 'Munchkin' expansion. Steve Jackson Games announced a Darwin Bromley railroad game and a Munchkin expansion planned for release into retail in May 2024. Express (The Railroad Car Game) is a classic card game for the old Mayfair Games line, which was designed by Darwin Bromley.

Two new 'Pokemon TCG: Deluxe Battle Decks' incoming featuring Ninetales ex and Zapados ex. The Pokemon Company International will release two new Pokemon TCG: Deluxe Battle Decks into retail on March 22, 2024. These two new decks feature Ninetales ex and Zapados ex, and they provide Trainers with more cards to support advanced strategies and deck-building options. .


Mantic teams up with 343 Industries for 'Halo' miniatures game. Mantic Games announced that they have teamed up with 343 Industries to bring a new Halo miniatures game to retail in September 2024. The brand-new miniatures game will feature team combat gameplay as well as detailed Spartan miniatures to delight fans of the video game.

Moonbug’s Francesca Gianesin on the joy of CoComelon. Francesca Gianesin, head of Consumer Products, EMEA ANZ, at Moonbug, tells Toy World readers what makes the studio’s beloved pre-school property CoComelon so special. A pre-school show all about the joys of childhood, CoComelon has become one of the world’s most popular properties, with some 170m subscribers on its YouTube channel.  


Tonies celebrates 1 million Tonieboxes sold, introduces new products: The Mindfulness Tonie, Potty Training Tonie, and Yoga Tonie were revealed at CES. Consumers are singing the Tonies tune as 1 million Tonieboxes have officially been sold in the U.S. Tonies are collectible figures featuring a variety of themes and children’s characters. 


Kids can snuggle up with Build-A-Bear’s new Skoosherz for National Hug Day. Build-A-Bear’s new collection of plush is super huggable, which is perfect considering its launch on Jan. 12 is just one week before National Hug Day on Jan. 21! Skoosherz are round plush creatures that feature smiling faces that kids will love to cuddle with. 


Dyce Games appoints John Adams as UK distributor. Dyce Games has announced that it has appointed John Adams Leisure as the UK distributor of its popular party games for 2024. Dyce Games creates hilarious and fun 5-star party games for every occasion. The agreement means John Adams Leisure will be able to bolster its party games range with best-selling titles including Hot Seat, Bad Choices, Bad People...


KidStuff Public Relations celebrates 30th Anniversary. KidStuff Public Relations, an agency that focuses solely on children’s products and toys, is celebrating 30 years of promoting playthings this year. KidStuff PR has been working with companies ranging from small startup toy companies and retailers to medium- and larger-size manufacturers over the last three decades, and has successfully weathered a lot of change...


FUNfluential makes toy and family influencer campaigns easier than ever. FUNfluential is the only influencer campaign management software developed and built specifically for the toy, game, and family industries — including baby and juvenile. This revolutionary tool boasts a highly curated influencer list with more than 33 million combined followers.


Konami invites new players to join the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. The Toy World team caught up with Konami to hear exclusive details about its new Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG starter set, designed to attract new Duelers to start playing. According to Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. (Konami), the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG is a tapestry of memories. One single card can speak to so many things.


Steamforged partners with Lucky Duck for international localization of their games. Steamforged Games announced that they have partnered with Lucky Duck Games in a localization deal that will bring multiple Steamforged releases to different regions across the world in their native languages. The deal includes most of Steamforged's popular releases.  


'One Piece CG' goes '500 Years In The Future'. Bandai will release 500 Years in the Future [OP-07], a new booster set for One Piece CG, in June 2024. The new booster set will feature characters from the Egghead Arc.  The Egghead Arc is also called the Future Island Arc because it takes place on the island of Egghead, where Dr. Vegapunk conducts forbidden research into the Void Century. 


Melissa & Doug launches Sticker WOW! activity packs. Melissa & Doug’s latest activity set is Sticker WOW!, an activity pad that kids can fill up with stickers from the included animal-shaped stamper. There are four different versions of the set: Cupcake the Unicorn comes with fantasy-themed stickers and activities, Olive the Dinosaur comes with prehistoric-themed stickers and activities, Cocoa the Dog comes with...

Crayola to host third annual Creativity Week. Crayola will provide parents and educators with a full week of activities, events, and more, all aiming to spark kids’ creativity, later this month. Crayola Creativity Week will run virtually from Jan. 22-28. Creativity Week is an entirely free program offering parents and educators resources such as activity videos, downloadable handouts, and more. 


Steamforged Games previews new edition of Reiner Knizia's 'Medici'. Steamforged Games previewed their new version of Medici, a classic auction game by Reiner Knizia, which will hit retail on March 13, 2024. This game was first announced back in October 2023. Medici is played over the course of three rounds where players assume the roles of 16th century traders auctioning off goods and bidding on them...


Buzzworthy 'Faraway' card game heads to U.S. retail. Pandasaurus Games announced that they will bring Faraway, a new card game from Catch Up Games, into U.S. Retail in March 2024. Faraway is one of the few board games to go into 2024 with some serious buzz behind it.  This game, designed by Johannes Groupy and Corentin Lebrat, earned nods from Man vs. Meeple, Board Game Geek, and other board game...

Peggy brown PBCC Bloom ReportAd 2021 540

Gaming: Digital, Video, Hardware, and Development

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Alan Wake II lead 2024 DICE Awards nominations. Nominees for the 2024 DICE Awards have been revealed, and the list is headlined by 2023's biggest titles. Insomniac Games' Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has the most nominations at nine overall. Along with Game of the Year, it's nominated for Game Direction, Best Character (Miles Morales), and Animation. Remedy's Alan Wake II trails behind with eight...


PlayStation achieved record 123M monthly active users in December 2023. The record was set as the PlayStation 5 topped 50 million lifetime sales. PlayStation broke a platform record in December 2023 after attracting 123 million monthly active users (MAUs). The milestone was touted during the Sony's CES 2024 Press Conference and comes with the PlayStation 5 having just topped 50 million lifetime sales.


Xbox January showcase will show first Indiana Jones gameplay. Xbox has announced it’s hosting a “Developer_Direct” to showcase some of its upcoming first-party games later this month, including a first look at the Indiana Jones game by Wolfenstein developer MachineGames. The direct will air on Xbox’s Twitch and YouTube channels on Thursday, January 18, at 3 p.m. ET, and will showcase upcoming releases...


Apple Vision Pro: $3,499 headset finally gets release date. Apple has announced its long-awaited Vision Pro headset will go on sale on 2 February in the United States. US customers have been given the option to pre-order the $3,499 (£2,749) mixed-reality device from mid-January, though no date has been set for a UK launch. It is the first major new product to be released by the firm since the Apple Watch launched in 2015. 

Highlighted Press Releases

KIDSTUFF PUBLIC RELATIONS CELEBRATES 30th ANNIVERSARY in 2024. Since 1994 KSPR Has Pivoted From Fax Machines, Car Phones & AOL To Zoom Meets And Influencers But Childhood & Toys Have Always Been Top Priority. Thousand Oaks, CA (January 9, 2024) – KidStuff PR is celebrating its 30th year in business in 2024. During its three decades of promoting playthings and services for families, the agency has seen the toy industry, the media world and parenting go through a lot of changes. The team at the agency couldn’t be more excited than to celebrate this major milestone and is both reflecting on things they’ve learned and survived over the years, as well as looking forward to things to come...


POP Feed Ad Postit New One.jpg

Safety and Counterfeiting


Kelp maker urges players not to purchase counterfeit board games circulating onlineThe makers of Kelp are urging players not to purchase any copies of their charming, asymmetric board game currently floating around the internet. That’s because the shark vs. octopus game of hide-and-seek won’t actually be available until later this year, but scammers have listed counterfeit copies on Amazon, eBay and other ecommerce platforms. German publisher Wonderbow Games posted to their website urging backers to avoid the counterfeit Kelp copies.

Associations, Shows, Awards, Events, and Festivals

The 50th HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, 15th HKTDC Hong Kong Baby Products Fair and 22nd Hong Kong International Stationery & School Supplies Fair have concluded successfully at the HK Convention and Exhibition Centre. According to the organiser, the 4-day physical fairs attracted some 83,000 buyers from 135 countries and regions, and saw international buyers return. The HKTDC has provided a breakdown...


The week of Jan. 22, 2024, twenty million children will unite and perform a billion acts of kindness thanks to the global non-profit organization Kids for Peace and its annual Great Kindness Challenge happily sponsored by OOLY, the whimsical and colorful arts, crafts and school supply brand. Created by Kids for Peace in 2012, the mission of The Great Kindness Challenge is to prevent bullying and foster ...

Netflix is leading this year’s Annie Awards race, with 28 nominations for its animated series and films. ASIFA-Hollywood, which runs the annual awards program, will announce 2024’s winners at a ceremony in LA on February 17. The five films nominated for Best Feature are Nimona (pictured, Annapurna Animation for Netflix), Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Sony Pictures Animation), Suzume

*** The above posted after tBR started running on January 12th ***


Tim Kilpin, president of toys, licensing & entertainment at Hasbro, Inc., has been elected to The Toy Association™ board of directors and will sit on the organization’s executive committee. Kilpin was voted in unanimously at the January 5 board meeting and fills the executive committee position left vacant by Andy Keimach when he transitioned to the role of interim president & CEO of The TA on January 1, 2024.


Toymaster updates operations. Paul Reader, commercial director at Toymaster, spoke with Toy World’s Rachael Simpson-Jones about what the changes to the buying group’s operations will entail. Toymaster helps independent toy retailers compete in the marketplace. Its mission is to help members trade more profitably by building strong relationships with suppliers, working closely with big name brands and products...

Favourite memories from UK Toy Fair over the years. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Toy Fair, Toy World asked exhibitors and visitors to share their fondest and funniest memories of the show from across the decades. Although some reflections were too risqué to print, the feature demonstrates why the industry loves this show. 

One of the biggest international trade shows for toys and games, Spielwarenmesse has been inviting industry insiders and journalists across the globe to see the newest products and innovations the toy world has to offer. This year, the show will run from Jan. 30 – Feb. 3 in Nuremberg, Germany and will welcome members of the media specifically with several returning and new events, including a PressDay now ...

2024 HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair now open. The first round of Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) 2024 trade shows, the 50th HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, 15th HKTDC Hong Kong Baby Products Fair and 22nd Hong Kong Int'l Stationery & School Supplies Fair (jointly organized by the HKTDC and Messe Frankfurt (HK)) has launched at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Hong Kong Day 3: Innovation everywhere…if you look. Innovation is incremental. Yes, there’s the notion that a new idea will come like a bolt from the blue and upend the toy industry—and sometimes it does. Yet, when a breakthrough product bursts out of the gate, such as a smoking cauldron that lets you “make” your own magical pet, or, in the case of one of the coolest products at the Convention Centre...


Hong Kong Day 2: Kidults rule. In 2013, the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair introduced a new concept: Kidults. As I recall at the time, there were several in the toy industry who dismissed the concept out of hand. (Amazing how often that happens.) Fast forward a decade, and Kidults are a major buying bloc. John Baulch, publisher and editor of UK’s Toy World said that in his conversations with indie UK toy merchants...

Hong Kong Toy Show: Day 1. An overflow crowd filled the Grand Foyer of the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre Monday morning for the opening day of the 50th Anniversary edition of the show. Under the banner “Innovative Play: A Legend Across Time,” the fair (and the concurrent Baby and Stationery fairs) opened on a high note.

BTHA starts 80th anniversary year with a new look. The British Toy & Hobby Association (BTHA), celebrating its 80th anniversary during 2024, has unveiled a modernised logo and branding to mark the occasion and better reflect the work of the association and the toy industry it represents today. The BTHA was established in 1944, then known as the British Toy Manufacturers’ Association, to promote and protect...

SCORE Banner ad.jpg

RIP - Rest in Play - Remembering Those that have Passed

If you know of a colleague's passing, please send us information so we may share with our readers. Archives can be found HERE

Karen Tenenbaum, founder and owner of Tenenbaum Law, P.C. and active member of the New York Metro Chapter of Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment. She died suddenly of a cardiac event on December 23 at the age of 64. In addition to her success as a tax attorney for more than 35 years, Tenenbaum founded Money Masters, Inc., an organization that provides financial literacy information and tools...

Jennell Jaquays Tabletop designer and video game developer Jennell Jaquays, who created Dungeons & Dragons adventures for a leading publisher of its time, has passed away at the age of 67. Jaquays is best known for developing the early shape of the tabletop industry during the heyday of TSR and other D&D publishers. Her most successful adventures, Dark Tower and Caverns of Thracia, were published for Judges Guild and featured both her game design and artwork.

Jaquays would go on to illustrate covers for plenty of other sourcebooks and modules, including the Dragon Mountain adventure included in D&D’s 1993 deluxe boxed set. Along with Call of Cthulhu publisher Chaosium, she also worked for several video game developers throughout the 1980s and 90s - Jaquays would help convert popular arcade cabinet games such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong to their console versions. In the late 1990s, Jaquays worked as a level designer for American video game company id Software while it developed the original Quake.

Dark Tower was the only non-TSR published adventure cited in Dungeon magazine’s list of the thirty greatest D&D adventure of all time, and Jaquays’ adventures would accrue several nominations for the H.G. Wells award. She was inducted in the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design Hall of Fame in 2017.

As creative director of Transgender Human Rights Institute, Jaquays helped outline and petition for the adoption of Leelah’s Law in the US - the response to this activist movement led to the federal banning of conversion therapy amongst minors, which adversely affected trans youth. She was a staunch advocate for trans rights.

In a remembrance post on the EN World tabletop RPG forums fans and players shared their favourite Jaquays creations, including her Savage Frontier book and Campaign Sourcebook and Catacomb Guide, the latter of which many folks claimed was one of the best resources for running the game they had ever read.

Pauline Kerrison - Toy World is sad to report that Pauline Kerrison, of Kerrison Toys, passed away peacefully on Christmas Day with her family at her side.

Described by those who knew her as ‘warm and welcoming’, ‘one of a kind’ and ‘one of the industry’s diamonds’, Pauline was much loved by many people in the toy trade. During the 50 or so years she was involved in the running of Kerrison Toys, she forged numerous friendships that lasted a lifetime.

Her son Steve Kerrison told Toy World: “She loved seeing people at trade shows and events and would always make a fuss of anyone who visited the shops over the many years. Myself, Graham and Liz, and our families, would like to thank all of those who have expressed their condolences over the past few days.”


Murray Jackson - Toy World is sad to report that Murray Jackson, who founded Edx Education and recently established Edx Education UK, has passed away.  The founder of Edx Education was a passionate advocate for providing education opportunities to all. Over the past 20 years, Edx Education has grown into a major supplier to the international education market, exporting to more than 90 countries, with sales & marketing offices in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia – including a dedicated trade website for the UK market.

The boom in home schooling following the pandemic kickstarted a trend for affordable toys that also offer educational value, and a real need for the company to extend its offering to consumers and toy retailers.

As well as establishing and running the successful company, Murray helped pioneer projects such as the opening of an after school center in Hualien, Taiwan, with the company sponsoring the renovations of a house and turning it into an after school centre for aboriginal children from the local primary school.

The Edx team contacted Toy World to inform us of the sad news of Murray’s passing and shared a letter that has been distributed to the Edx Education community. The letter reads...

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Ravensburger Announces 'Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls (Disney Edition)'
Stonemaier Games Updates Deets on 'Wyrmspan'
WotC Expands Its AI Artwork Policy for 'Magic: The Gathering'
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It's 'Raining Cats & Dogs' in 'Magic: The Gathering'
New 'Disney Villainous' Games Incoming
Rolling for Initiative -- Checking My Score for 2023
Mantic Teams Up with 343 Industries for 'Halo' Miniatures Game
Wyrd Games Reveals New 'The Other Side' Core Box
Two New 'Pokemon TCG: Deluxe Battle Decks' Incoming

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Casual Game Revolution

News Flash - Star Wars: Timeline Twist Announced, Blueprints of Mad King Ludwig Pre-Order
A Star Wars twist on Timeline Twist has been announced, Bezier Games has a ‘flip and sketch’ game available for pre-order, and Looney Labs has announced Jinxx.

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CUPONK: The Riskiest Toy Hasbro Ever Sold



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