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Young Inventor Challenge
Rules and Regulations

By submitting an entry to the Young Inventor Challenge (YIC), participants and their parents/guardians/teachers agree to abide by the following rules and requirements.




  • ​Young Inventor Challenge participants must be ages 6 – 18 years old and enrolled in some form of elementary or secondary education (public, private, charter, or home school).

  • Participants can invent and enter the challenge individually or with a team that meets the eligibility requirements. There is a maximum of two participants per team, no exceptions.

  • All entries must be the original idea, development and work product of the participant/team, and must not have previously been made available to the public as a commercial product.

  • Use of outside services for prototype production assistance (ie 3D printing, playing card printing, etc) is permitted, but students must disclose anything that is not their personal work in their entry.


Judging & Awarding of Prizes


  • ​All judging decisions are final. 

  • Winners will be announced online during the live awards program. 

  • Teams will be judged in the same way as individuals.


Invention & Prototype Requirements


  • Challenge entries consist of only one prototype/invention per participant/team.

  • All challenge entries must consist of a working prototype of the toy/game invention

  • Show Management reserves the right to disqualify any prototype deemed threatening, or otherwise inappropriate in its judgment, and to prohibit challenge participation of the owners of said prototype.



  • ​All participants and their parents/guardians/teachers and families are expected to conduct themselves responsibly and with respect for others during the challenge. 

  • Show Management reserves the right to disqualify from the challenge anyone whose conduct is deemed disruptive, insensitive, inappropriate, or threatening.




Permission is given for me/my child to enter the Young Inventor Challenge (hereafter YIC). I understand that the material used in the project/prototype is my/my child’s responsibility. 

Fair Management reserves the right to disqualify anyone from the competition who may violate its rules of conduct.
I grant permission for my child to be photographed, audio/video recorded, interviewed by the YIC, partners, news media or others for event-related stories. I grant permission for the YIC to use my child's pitch video on their website and to share with media outlets for potential PR opportunities.  


I understand that my/my child’s project/prototype will be shown to judges/mentors who work in the toy industry.  I agree that no contract, express or implied, is formed by virtue of showing my/my child’s project/prototype to judges/mentors.  


I hereby waive all present and future claims, actions, and remedies that relate to my/my child’s project/prototype (both damages and equitable relief) against the judges/mentors who participate in the YIC, their employers, and any corporate affiliates of their employers, except for claims and actions for violations of U.S. patent or copyright laws.  I acknowledge that the judges/mentors who participate in the YIC, including their employers, and any corporate affiliates of their employers, are express, intended third party beneficiaries of this agreement.

I have read the above statement and agree; I will follow the rules of this fair.

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