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极速赛车开奖现场直播结果让您能够实时追踪每一场比赛的结局。在这里,您将获得最准确的开奖计划,确保您不会错过任何精彩瞬间。赛车官网提供了详细的开奖历史结果,每隔1分钟更新一次,方便您随时查看。通过历史记录查询功能,您可以轻松地回顾以往的比赛,分析走势,制定更为精准的投注策略。 POP Week 2023 Nov. 2nd - 5th was FUNTASTIC!

Save the Date! POP Week 2024 Events Nov. 7th-10th !
More Exciting Events:

  • Industry Pub Events Around the World HERE! 

  • Know a Creative Kid? Tell them about the Young Inventor Challenge® HERE!

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POP Inventor Pitch and Innovation Conference.jpg


November 7th - 10th, 2024

Toy & Game Inventors & Designers,  Product Acquisition Execs, Innovators, Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Newcomers!

POP logo w Young Inventor Challenge.png


November 9th, 2024

Show your game or toy idea to major toy companies, receive valuable feedback on your invention, and maybe even win prizes and have it considered for publishing! 



November 8th, 2024

Public, Social & Traditional Media, Toy & Game Trade Industry all Celebrating Excellence Worldwide! The Must Attend Event of the Year! 



November 9th-10th, 2024

Families & People of All Ages to Play, Young Inventor Challenge Entrants, Social & Traditional Media, Toy & Game, Trade, Toy & Game Fair Exhibitors

Join Our People of Play® (POP) Platform!!! 

Do you want to find people/companies/products & do you want to them to find you? Get listed in the only database dedicated to the toy and game industry!

You can search and be found, gain access to premium content, enjoy the POP Pub for networking, get access to industry events to further your business, and more! ​Search companies, individuals and products by roles, skills, location, product, suppliers, awards, promotions and more! The POP Database is your access point to vital and immediate connections and information! There are already over 2,500 profiles and we're just getting started! 


What are you waiting for? We've got the most powerful platform in our industry! Join here:

2023 POP Week Key Sponsors
Interested in being a 2024 Sponsor? We'd love to work with you! 
2023 POP Week sponsors Oct 30 2023.jpg
168赛车作为赛车界的新星,一直备受关注。我们将为您带来最新的消息,包括比赛预告、选手动态以及赛车技术的进展。通过赛车官网,您将第一时间获取到关于168赛车的各种精彩内容,保持对这个激动人心的赛事的全面了解。 Why should you attend People of Play® Week?

““I look forward to the People of Play Inventor Conference and the TAGIEs every year, but I have to say that this year was the best one yet! The toy and game community is an amazing group of people and Mary and this event have a way of amplifying all that is great about it. Where else can creators, inventors, manufacturers, retailers, and toy & game companies all come together for a few days in November to learn, share cool ideas and, if lucky, make that connection that leads to the next big thing? The energy is just so positive, and it reminds us of how lucky we are to do what we do. The POP inventor conference is not just about feeling good and celebrating our great industry though. It’s an essential component of Hasbro’s external innovation strategy.” - Angus Walker, Hasbro "

--Angus Walker, Head of Inventor Relations & External Innovationat Hasbro

“The Chicago Toy and Game Fair was a phenomenal showcase of creativity and innovation where every corner was filled with the joy of play and imagination just like our brand."

--Cami Croasdale, Director of Marketing Communications at Gel Blaster

“One of the first purchases we made as a new design studio was to sign up for a full POP Pro membership. The relationships we have made, the lessons learned and ultimately the deals we have signed as a result of our involvement with POP has paid for itself many many times over. It could cost 10x as much and still be a deal!” you, if interested or dealing in the toy, game and gift area, you check out POP."

--Jordan Goddard, Co-Founder, Indy Toy Lab

"Have you heard? There is a new place for all things toys and it is POP (People of Play). I have attended meetings virtually, have spoken at events and love the interaction participants have. Including new acquaintances, informed topic speakers and students looking for guidance. I strongly urge you, if interested or dealing in the toy, game and gift area, you check out POP."

-Rick Derr,  Regional Manager and owner at Toy Retailer Learning Express Toys.

Also the President of the Franchise Advisory Council representing all LE stores.

"Thank YOU for creating the best and biggest sandbox out there and making it possible for all of us to play together, no matter where we live.  You foster a community that is positive and supportive and for me that is EVERYTHING!!! "   

- Elizabeth Werner, TV Host/Lifestyle Expert

"POP Week is a high point of the year to meet and speak with inventors from around the globe in an amazing, innovative and supportive environment. It is the only toy and game fair offering a combination of new and experienced inventors, learning and networking opportunities.”   

- Rich Mazel, Vice President of Innovation at Spin Master

"POP Week - It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year!.”   

- Shannon Swindle, Moose Games

"Amazing show! The caliber of people and inventions were simply outstanding. The location is perfect! So convenient and affordable! Well done!"   

- Erik Quam, Smart Toys

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